Sunday, October 24, 2021

Savannah Edwards: TikTok Creator Says Critical Race Theory and Reparations for Black Americans ‘Sets Us All Backward’ [VIDEO]

*One thing the mainstream media enjoys doing is parading some mentally defeated Black person before the masses who co-signs white America’s anti-Black rhetoric.

A Black TikTok content creator is the latest to be mounted on a pedestal by white supremacy amid her viral video in which she argues against reparations for foundational Black Americans. 

Savannah Edwards‘ post, which has been viewed over 100,000 times on the account @thisissavvy, slams the idea of financial payment to the decedents of slaves in America. Edwards believes the best way for the Black community to move forward is by forging the system of white supremacy for slavery and discrimination in the United States.

“Reparations as a first step to healing? Uh-uh,” Edwards said shaking her head. “The first step to healing is forgiveness.”

And with that, Edwards was invited on “Fox & Friends First” to basically co-sign the dominant society’s rejection of reparations to Black Americans in 2021. Peep what she had to say via the clip below. 

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As reported by Fox News, during her appearance on the show, Edwards said that it was “heartbreaking” that so many Black folks believe that in order to receive “healing from the past,” they would need financial compensation from the government. 

One TikTok user commented on Edwards’ post: “Why should I forgive them for the way that they looked down on and continue to look down on my people?”

Edwards responded: “No one else is responsible for your healing—you have to take those first steps,” Edwards said. “And as unfair as that may sound that’s just the truth.” 

She is also opposed to critical race theory in schools, claiming it teaches White kids that they should feel bad about being “inherently superior” while teaching Black kids that they are “inherently disadvantaged.”

Critical race theory examines America’s long love affair with racism and white supremacy and its social, cultural and legal impact on people of color.

“I think the last thing the Black community needs right now is for children to grow up thinking they’re disadvantaged. That just sets us all backward,” Edwards said. 

Hear more of her opinion about these issues via the YouTube clip above. Let us know in the comments if you agree with her stance. 

Ny MaGee
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