Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Tina Lawson Slams Theory That Jay-Z Touches Beyonce’s Legs to Ease Her Anxiety

tina lawson
Tina Lawson via Twitter

*Tina Lawson has responded to the overanalyzing of her son-in-law JAY-Z rubbing Beyoncé’s legs courtside at basketball games.

As reported by MadameNoire, the fan account @hova_bey.carter posted the initial image of Jay grabbing his wife’s legs in public. The outlet writes, “Instead of folks recognizing the pattern, taking it for what it is and moving on, a few people attempted to theorize about why he might be doing that. A few people suggested that Beyoncé has social anxiety and these leg grabs are Jay Z’s way of calming her down.”

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Bey’s mother Tina weighed in on that theory when she re-shared the collage of images along with the following statement: 

“When you love someone and like them you just want to touch them ! Me and Richard are always touching even if it’s just our feet ! Yeah!! That’s what you do !❤ For those of you who don’t understand , Try it sometimes it works !! Human Touch is how you stay connected!!❤ So comical people saying she has anxiety in public and that’s why he touches her ! Lord people !!!! Yal can turn something good and healthy into something That it’s not !!! Stop that!!!!! ❤. BTW if someone has anxiety then it is great for their partner to touch them to calm and reassure them. That’s a beautiful thing . It just happens to be not the case here. ❤”

And there you have it.

Check out Tina’s IG post below.


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