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Central Ohio’s Mekka Don is Back in the Rap Game and He’s ‘Still Dope’ / WATCH

Mekka Don (Still Dope) Screenshot - YouTube
Mekka Don (Still Dope) Screenshot – YouTube

It started with a beat and then new inspiration.

That’s what marked the return to music for Central Ohio’s own Mekka Don, the former Buckeye, turned rapper, turned entrepreneur. That beat evolved into his new single and video, out Tuesday, “Still Dope.”

“When somethings in your heart, it kind of comes to you naturally, especially as a writer,” Mekka Don said.

He found new inspiration after working through surgery and his own personal trials, along with the pandemic.

“Initially when I was writing the song, I was writing it almost like a comeback song for myself, personally, like I’m still dope – just cause you haven’t heard from me for a while doesn’t mean I’m not still dope,” he says. “But then I realized, no that’s not what this is supposed to be. This is actually supposed to be much more universal than just me.”

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Mekka Don is an artist, consultant, lawyer, author, entrepreneur, and host who has pushed the boundaries in music and business. He has become a vocal leader in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives and was recently selected to serve on the Executive Committee of the Big Ten Conference’s Equality Coalition.

Throughout his career(s), he has expanded the frontiers and sparked conversations about non-conventional ways to approach entrepreneurship, mentorship, and race relations. As a result, he has been featured in several media including MTV, ESPN, Bossip, New York Daily News, The American Bar Association Journal and many more.

As an author, Mekka Don published a fiction novel entitled, “Grime and Glory,” which is a fiction novel designed to dispel stereotypes about Black athletes. The book was inspired by Mekka Don’s experiences as a college football player at The Ohio State University. He is currently working on a children’s book as well.

As a lawyer, Mekka Don has helped aspiring artists, celebrities, and athletes secure fair deals and just compensation. He has been a tireless advocate for his clients and has helped many of them avoid serious pitfalls. Some of his clients include SWV and Gareon Conley.

Mekka Don is committed to making the world a better place for all citizens and has been a mentor to many young people. He is outspoken on social media with a substantial following and is committed to being a positive mouthpiece for social justice
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