Monday, January 24, 2022

Critical Race Theory is Reality: The Journal Of Steffanie Rivers / VIDEO

Critical Race Theory*Critical Race Theory (CRT) is gaining traction in diversity training classes among school districts, colleges and in corporate America.

CRT is the idea that American institutions are inherently designed to maintain economic, political and social inequalities. These inequities propel and protect White people at the expense of everyone else, especially African-Americans.

Some detractors are against CRT being publicly discussed, because the best way for the theory to go unchallenged is to ignore that it exists. Those who don’t want critical race theory included in course curriculums claim they don’t want people to develop White guilt. GOD forbid White people get confronted with their White privilege hypocrisies!

Critical race theory doesn’t have to be proven with examples that are decades old. CRT can be proven as reality with examples from last week!

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In West Point High School in Mississippi some White parents forced school administrators to re-calculate grade point averages after two Black students, Layla Temple and Ikeria Washington, were named valedictorian and salutatorian of their graduating class.

Instead of standing up to parents, school administrators acquiesced and bent the rules. The ‘re-calculation’ caused two White students to be named as co-Val and co-Sal of their graduating class.

Although that makes zero sense, it’s proof that critical race theory is reality: Elevate White people to make them feel validated at the expense of everyone else. Black people can’t get over one trauma before experiencing another. 

Click on the video above to hear more present-day proof that critical race theory is reality in America.

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Steffanie Rivers

Steffanie Rivers is a freelance journalist living in the Dallas-Ft. Worth metroplex. Email her at [email protected] with your comments, questions and speaking inquiries. Follow her @tcbstef on Instagram and Twitter.



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