Saturday, September 18, 2021

Compton Almost Elected its First Latino Mayor – Reynaga Loses to Sharif / VIDEO

Cristian Reynaga - Emma Sharif
Cristian Reynaga – Emma Sharif

*Race still tends to be such a hot and trending topic these days and for Compton (CA), it’s currently booming in the politics sector with a specific concentration on the possible election of Latino candidate: Cristian Reynaga.

Reynaga was raised in Richland Farms neighborhood, where he worked as a stable boy. There he acquired the skill and mentality of true work ethic but also the value of education and politically making your voice heard through voting.

While this seems to be racial, politics in Compton are actually more personal. In a prominent example of such an alliance, the outgoing mayor, Aja Brown, has endorsed Reynaga over his opponent, 70-year-old City Councilwoman Emma Sharif.

Brown and Sharif are both Black. Brown has mentored Reynaga and has not seen eye to eye with Sharif on some issues.

Sharif, meanwhile, has several key Latino supporters, including the congresswoman who represents the area.

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With that support she began with the percentile lead in the race and ended up winning the election over Reynaga.

“Right now I feel good,” she told The LA Times. “Although, I’m not ready to just claim victory, but I am very proud of the lead that we have after the initial votes have been counted.”

According to the LA times, Reynaga was trying to capture a vote that has not historically favored Latino candidates, even though Latinos make up 68% of the city’s population, while Black residents make up 29%. However, some of the city’s Latinos residents are not citizens and are not registered to vote.

Reynaga had been endorsed by the current Compton mayor, Aja Brown, who was 31 when elected.

As the world grows in a much more progressive manner, people are less likely to ignorantly judge by the color of your skin and knowledgably judge by the work that’s put in.

With the various backgrounds of current and potential politicians they all share the common struggle of oppression and not having, this being the rock-hard foundation, it should be a no brainer for the people to come out and vote for an individual that not only best represents their reflection but more importantly reflects what they need in various areas of power!



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