Thursday, September 23, 2021

Houston Hospital Sued by Over 100 Staffers for COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate [VIDEO]


*A Houston-area hospital is being sued by more than 100 employees for requiring all staff to get vaccinated for COVID-19.  

According to ABC News, 117 employees joined a lawsuit that was filed on Friday in Montgomery County. The suit alleges the Houston Methodist hospital is “illegally requiring its employees to be injected with an experimental vaccine as a condition of employment.”

The network, which has more than 26,000 employees across eight hospitals, gave workers a deadline of June 7 to get the vaccine, according to the report. Staffers who refuse to voluntarily take the experimental drug cocktail risk suspension and termination. 

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The plaintiffs allege that the hospital “requires the employee to subject themselves to medical experimentation as a prerequisite to feeding their families,” the Washington Post reports. The complaint also claims that the vaccines are an “experimental COVID-19 mRNA gene modification injection,” which several outlets have noted is a false description of the drug. 

“It is unfortunate that the few remaining employees who refuse to get vaccinated and put our patients first are responding in this way,” Houston Methodist CEO Dr. Marc Boom said in a statement obtained by ABC News. “It is legal for health care institutions to mandate vaccines, as we have done with the flu vaccine since 2009. The COVID-19 vaccines have proven through rigorous trials to be very safe and very effective and are not experimental.”

According to Boom, 99% of the network’s employees have been vaccinated.

The lawsuit also notes that the U.S. Food and Drug Administration has yet to approve the vaccine. 


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