Sunday, October 24, 2021

Three Point Review of The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas 2.0T SE

2021 Volkswagen Atlas 2
Comfy, stylish and versatile – The 2021 Volkswagen Atlas 2

2021 Volkswagen Atlas 2.0T SE
MSRP $38,795 

*When it comes to driving, it’s really about form, function and adventure, especially with the changes we are constantly enduring in our pandemic ridden society. So driving sometimes is a treat, a moment to create a memory, even when you’re just going to the grocery store and taking a road trip to see family. 

This Volkswagen spoke to those needs, for me. Not to get all emo about a car, but it really provides the versatility I think a lot of people are looking for right now. It has the style, the space, the comfort and makes long trips easy. 

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VolkswagenStylish: I parked this bad boy on the street one afternoon and as soon as I opened the driver’s side door, someone yelled out, “That’s a nice truck.” As you might know, in a neighborhood where Black people gather, we tend not to hold our tongue about much. And so the gentleman went on to share how he had rented the same car once and felt like a king in it. I think I had the same experience. I kind of felt like a boss, driving that pine green truck. Inside and outside, the vehicle really felt well made, subtle luxury elements like the wood grain paneling and body hugging seats.

Space for Everyone & Everything: I love to take adults with me on test drives because the passengers have a chance to tell me what they think. This vehicle received rave reviews from everyone. One friend said she’s added this car to her list of future buys, as her family is expanding and space is essential. Each passenger has plenty of legroom and space to feel comfortable, even in the third row. Did I mention there is a third row? Yes! And even with the third row up, the trunk space is plentiful. The second row of seats is also adjustable, giving passengers the independence needed to create their own experience.

Gas Savings Is Still In Question: MPG is not terrible, but isn’t a hybrid. For a vehicle this size, I’d say I did get my money’s worth, but also really felt the sting of filling up that tank, especially with $4-plus a gallon rates. The vehicle features a start-stop feature, which is supposed to help reduce emissions and gas consumption. I’m not an engineer but I’m not clear if it helped. Randomly, however, I was stopped up on a slight incline, a drive-way, and the engine cut off, but didn’t restart as normal. I took my foot off the break and the car started to slowly roll back. I made sure to check that I didn’t accidentally turn off the engine. So I shifted into park, turned off the car and restarted. The car continued to function as normal thereafter, but the event remained in my mind. 

This vehicle rides beautifully. It’s fun to drive and has great curb appeal. Plus it’s versatile for families and errands, long trips and special moments. Its safety features, which I didn’t mention before, are great and give a driver the tools she needs to feel comfortable on the road. It’s a solid car and could be a great buy. Just keep in mind there won’t be tons of savings wrapped up in this vehicle. 



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