Monday, August 8, 2022

Stephen A Smith Calls Out Kwame Brown’s Career in 8 Minute Rant with Blooper Reel (Watch)

Stephen A. Smith
Stephen A. Smith claps back at Kwame Brown on ESPN+’s Stephen A’s World, May 27, 2021

*ESPN’s Stephen A Smith is the latest to be pulled into Kwame Brown’s orbit. During Thursday’s episode of his ESPN+ show “Stephen A.’s World,” Smith first made it clear that he was coming for Brown “the player,” not Brown “the man.”

He then defended Brown’s targets – Gilbert Arenas, Matt Barnes, Dr. Boyce Watkins, Charlamagne tha God and ESPN colleague Michael Wilbon – saying they all were also critical of Brown’s skills on the court, not his personal life.

“The only negative thing anybody has ever said about Kwame Brown is that he couldn’t play a lick of basketball,” Smith said at the beginning of his segment. “Newsflash! That wasn’t a lie!”

With that said, Smith spent the remaining 8 minutes and 45 seconds explaining why the former NBA big man was trash on the court, as a blooper reel of Brown’s dropped passes and air balls played on a big screen for a minute and 20 seconds.

“You’re making more attention for yourself in two weeks going off about people personally than you did in your 13-year career,” Smith concluded. “That’s on you, bro. Now go and rant and rave all you want.”

Watch below.

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As previously reported, this all started after Arenas spoke about Brown, his one-time Wizards teammate, during an appearance on Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s podcast All the Smoke. Brown took issue with their assessment of him as an NBA first round bust, and clapped back with a 75-minute YouTube livestream on May 15.

In the weeks since, Brown has called out members of sports media, including Wilbon, Jemele Hill, and Smith, claiming they are disrespectful to him and are not supportive of him as at least a Black man who provided for his family. Brown went after Smith in particular with an expletive-laden rant on Instagram in which he invited the ESPN star to “meet me in Seattle, where you can have mutual combat.”




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