Friday, July 23, 2021

Sickening Footage: Ronald Greene’s Fatal Arrest Finally Released – Will Only Worsen Public Confidence in Police / WATCH

Ronald Greene (via AP) - 74101b6427d44a1498745bceee959785_md
Ronald Greene

*We’ve been hearing about it and now we can finally see the brutality for ourselves because the body cam footage of Ronald Greene‘s fatal arrest in Louisiana has been released. It shows him screaming for mercy as he gets kicked, dragged and tased.

If you don ‘t know the story, LA State Troopers arrested Greene way back in 2019 after he’d led them on a high-speed chase near Monroe, LA … and the body cam shows more than a handful of officers were involved when he finally pulled over.

One officer almost immediately tased Greene while he was still inside his SUV, and you can hear Greene yelling, “I’m scared! I’m scared! I’m your brother, I’m scared!!”

Despite his cries, cops ended up dragging Greene out through the passenger side door — and while he was handcuffed and on his stomach … another officer repeatedly kicked him.

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Louisiana authorities fought the release of this video for nearly 2 years, but the AP finally obtained the footage. Greene died on his way to the hospital, but police initially told his family he died by crashing his car into a tree during the chase.

That lie had been exposed months ago when audio from body cam mics was released, and one of the cops involved was recorded saying, “I beat the ever-living f**k out of him” … referring to Greene’s arrest.

That officer, Chris Hollingsworth, was also recorded admitting at least 3 other cops were restraining Greene while they mercilessly beat him. Hours after finding out he was going to be suspended, Hollingsworth died in a fatal car crash.

The Greene family’s filed a federal wrongful death lawsuit, and the Dept. of Justice was conducting its own investigation of the incident.

Ronald Greene (& cops)
Video from Louisiana state trooper Dakota DeMoss’ body-worn camera shows troopers holding up Ronald Greene before paramedics arrived on May 10, 2019, outside of Monroe, Louisiana

In related news, Ronald Janota, a retired lieutenant colonel with the Illinois State Police, called Greene’s arrest “appalling.” According to Janota, Greene should have not been ordered on his stomach because that can lead to asphyxiation.

“It sickens me,” he told NBC News. “I’ve never witnessed anything like this.”

“It erodes public confidence, and it will corrupt the police department itself,” Janota said. “If they do not discipline these things right away, they basically condone unacceptable behavior.”

Janota, who provides witness testimony “for and against police,” said video of Greene’s arrest will only worsen public confidence and damage the Louisiana State Police.



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