Friday, July 23, 2021

Tim Tebow’s Return: Stephen A. Smith Calls it ‘White Privilege’; Shannon Sharpe Says It’s ‘Arrogance’ (Watch)

Stephen A Smith
Stephen A Smith on First Take, May 20, 2021 (ESPN)

*The outrage continues over quarterback Tim Tebow’s return to the NFL.

After officially signing his contract with the Jacksonville Jaguars on Thursday, the quarterback-turned-tight-end continued to be a hot topic, with ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith saying his return after a six year absence (when Colin Kaepernick has yet to be brought back for a tryout) is an example of “white privilege.”

“We see someone of a different ilk, a different ethnicity getting opportunities that we know we would never get. That’s where the words white privilege come in,” Smith said Thursday on “First Take.” ” … There’s no way to eradicate white privilege without white individuals giving up some of their privilege.”

Tebow, Smith said, only got the chance because he has a relationship with Jacksonville’s coach Urban Meyer, who coached him at Florida. Smith said he thinks Tebow is a “good dude” and wishes him nothing but the best. Nevertheless, “Blacks do not get these opportunities.”

“First Take’s” Max Kellerman said he has no problem with the Tebow signing, but encouraged him to speak out about how Kaepernick deserves the same shot.

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Meanwhile, on Fox Sports’ “The Undisputed,” Shannon Sharpe said Tebow’s decision to return is the height of arrogance.

He said: “Just think about how arrogant a person must be to play a professional sport that you’re really not that good at, and the 30-plus other teams saw what you had and they said, ‘you’re not good.’ … ‘You know what? I’m just arrogant enough to say, I’m gonna go back to the sport that jettisoned me and I’m gonna switch positions. I haven’t played in six years, haven’t taken an offensive snap in nine years, but I’m just that good.’ Tim Tebow can’t play no tight end. And he’s gonna rub guys the wrong way … .”

Watch below:



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