Monday, September 20, 2021

Rachel Lindsay Reveals ‘Bachelorette’ Producers Prefer to Cast Black Males Who Don’t Date Black Women

*Former “Bachelorette” star Rachel Lindsay appeared on dished with comedians we Fumudoh on Sunday night, during which she spilled some behind the scene tea about the popular dating competition reality series. 

When Ziwe asked Lindsay if she faced backlash for picking a white man during her season, the reality star noted that the producers of the show don’t select Black males who date Black women. 

“I think I got a little bit more grace because I was the first and people were just excited that a person of color was in this role,” she said, as reported by E! Online. “But then I think when the next person chose someone that wasn’t Black, and then by the time we got to the third one it was like, you know what, they’re just not going to choose anybody that’s Black.”

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Lindsay was “The Bachelor: franchise’s first Black lead in 2017, followed by Tayshia Adams as second Black Bachelorette, and Matt James was the first Black Bachelor of the franchise. All chose to be entangled with white partners. Speaking to Ziwe about the options, Lindsay said there was a point during her season where cried “at the selection of men of color.” 

“I also learned as I was going through my season that several of the Black men on my season didn’t date Black women,” she said, noting that producers “found it interesting” to cast buck-broken Black males swirlers who have never dated Black women. “I said, ‘You think that’s interesting? That’s my life. I live that.'”

Meanwhile, Matt James is said to be waiting for his contract with the franchise to expire so he can come out of the closet. 

Ny MaGee
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