Wednesday, September 28, 2022

VIDEO: Woman’s Toddler Tries Unsuccessfully to Save her Mom From a Savage Beatdown at Little Caesars

*A vicious beatdown occurred at a Little Caesars pizzeria in Augusta, GA Monday and the only person who tried to intervene was the victim’s presumed toddler daughter, who was pulled away to safety by bystanders so that the fighting could continue.

Beatdown at Augusta Little Caesars

It’s not known what provoked the fight. Officials from the Richmond County Sheriff’s Office said it started after 25-year-old Brittany Kennedy, the Black woman in the video, allegedly got in the face of Emily Broadwater, 22, and yanked the chair from under her. In the viral 41-second video filmed by a bystander, screaming can be heard as Kennedy beats the brakes off of Broadwater while holding her hair.

At one point, the toddler tries desperately to get between Kennedy and her mother. While punching Broadwater, Kennedy casually said to a bystander, “Get that baby.” Another bystander then shouted repeatedly, “Move the baby! Move the baby!” before someone eventually pulls the child out of the way. Kennedy continues to pummel Broadwater repeatedly before dragging her by the hair out of the pizzeria and onto the sidewalk. There, she stomps Broadwater’s head before ending the assault.

Broadwater, blood dripping from her face, managed to stand and walk back into the shop, yelling “My baby!” That’s where the video ends.

Watch the entire video below:

The New York Post reported that a wanted poster was issued for Kennedy, who is being sought on assault charges. Cops say Broadwater suffered a “severely swollen” and lacerated bottom lip from the brawl and refused a trip to the hospital.




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