Saturday, October 1, 2022

VIDEO: Master P and Romeo Tour the ‘Most Expensive House in the World,’ Valued at $550 Million

Master P tours the most expensive mansion in the world
Master P tours the most expensive mansion in the world for “Master P Reviews’

*Percy “Master P” Miller’s latest review subject for his latest venture, “Master P Reviews,” is a $550 million, 105,000 square foot mansion that is reportedly the biggest and most expensive private home in the world.

The luxury property in Los Angeles, dubbed “The One.” is the latest spec mansion from movie producer turned real estate developer Nile Niami. The home sits on five acres and is surrounded on three sides by a moat.

the one
The One mansion in Los Angeles

“The One” has 21 bedrooms and 42 bathrooms. It is made up of four separate structures. The main house is 74,000 square feet. The master suite is 5,500 square feet and reportedly has several bathrooms, two walk-in closets, and its own infinity pool. The garage can house 30 cars. The home also has a four-lane bowling alley, a movie theatre that seats 30, a private nightclub, and a philanthropy wing designed to host charity galas for up to 200 people. There’s also a 10,000-square-foot sky deck and five swimming pools. The interior space is designed to look like a high-end luxury hotel. The home also boasts an impressive art collection and bespoke furniture from byShowroom. A boxing ring is on the horizon for the 1 acre backyard, with Manny Pacquiao in talks for its first fight.

“What I love about this story is that the owner started small and built an empire. He is all about making a difference,” said P of his friend Niami. “He doesn’t only use this property to live in, he is all about giving back at the same time. When you are humble and help others GOD will keep blessing you. I hope this story motivates and inspires you to keep chasing your dreams and goals.”

“Master P Reviews” is aimed at helping small businesses and entrepreneurs understand their potential in corporate America. See P and his son Romeo tour the home below:




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