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P.D. Blackmon’s ‘ZeaZoo & the Land of Boo’ Generates More Urban Fairy-tales for Young Readers This Summer

Land of Boo readers1IMG_5515*Los Angeles, CA – Ancient History Hunter Executive Producer, turned Author, P.D. Blackmon has a Summer smash with her newly released Amazon book,ZeaZoo & The Land of Boo: An Urban Fairytale.

The book’s inspirational and magical under-the-sea adventures have earned a 5 Star-rating from readers. Its global popularity and success have pushed iAmerica Soul Publishing Company into releasing 3 additional books ‘OCEAN BLUE,’ ‘LAND OF BOO FANTASY’ and ‘LAND OF BOO LOST GIRLS.’

The new additions are creating an extended book brand to further capture young readers’ imaginations. The book series is available on worldwide distribution.

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Land of boo reader - IMG_5471P.D. Blackmon’s family-friendly brand has expanded its catalog into a collection of designer companion books. The Land of Boo  ‘Brand Boo’ series continues its fantastic character-driven journey with 3 additional books that include OCEAN BLUE’ Notebook, LAND OF BOO FANTASY’ Characters Journal, and the LAND OF BOO LOST GIRLS’ Collection Notebook.

The notebooks and journal are unique keepsakes featuring ZeaZoo & The Land of Boo characters – The Lost Girls, Queen of Soul, Bubbles the Whale, Magnolia Butterfly, and the beloved King Fish. ‘Ocean Blue’ has a delightful day at the beach theme on every page creating a personal stationery look and feel. The diary-designed, ‘Land of Boo Fantasy’ journal allows the reader to jump in and write about their favorite characters or meaningful parts of The Land of Boo story.

For the artsy readers is the ‘Land of Boo Lost Girls’ lined doodling notebook tablet. Each book engages the reader into writing about their feelings, thoughts, or adding artwork to The Land of Boo experience. Ms. Blackmon explained, “I want our children to grow up familiar with our inspiring story along with ZeaZoo and all the wonderful characters in The Land of Boo; in the same way they are familiar with Dr. Seuss, Charles Schulz’s creation, Charlie Brown, and the wonderful world of Walt Disney.”

ZeaZoo & Land of Boo1

On June 12, 2021, the author is also preparing to launch the ‘SLEEPYTIME NIGHT-NIGHT’ bedtime storybook created specifically for ages 2-4 years. The book is based on an original poem written in 2004. P.D. Blackmon had this to say about her upcoming release.

“I want children to grow up knowing our stories and characters from the very beginning. Bedtime stories and prayers before bed were a part of my childhood and culture which I passed, on to my children.”

Land of Boo Cover Animation GIFZeaZoo & The Land of Boo’ is available in paperback, eBooks, along with the companion gift books on
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