Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Tank Says He’s Going Completely Deaf in Right Ear & Losing Sound in the Left / WATCH

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*We all need to send up prayers for singer Tank. He just admitted to some devastating personal news about his health.

Via a social media video the singer/songwriter shared that he’s completely deaf in one ear and is losing sound in the other ear. He also says that he is dizzy and “can’t walk a straight line.”

He states that he’s gone to the doctors and his completely happened “out of nowhere, don’t know how or why.”

In the video an emotional Tank says that his medical condition isn’t giving him a reason to give up and it won’t stop him from moving forward with his goals.

“The goal is still the same. To be great. To be the greatest.”

With that, the singer, born Durrell Artaze Babbs, is also encourages people to “keep going, keep pushing.”

Watch his impassioned and emotional message below.

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In other news about Tank, in a Men’s Health article, we learned that the singer, who is otherwise a fitness fanatic, crushes two-a-day workouts and still manages to keep his meals to the minimum: three dishes, all consumed before the sun goes down.

“The philosophy behind my diet is: you are what you eat,” Tank explained in an episode of Men’s Health’s Eat Like. “What you put into your body is going to create your body’s output. What I put into my body, I want to make sure that it’s helping me be all I can be physically as well as be all I can be mentally.”

The article goes on to say that Tank is up at 6:30 AM every day with a Celcius energy drink. Then it’s time to layer up—top and bottom compression suit, top and bottom sweatsuit, and then a winter coat—“like I’m going Denver, Colorado.” Then he’s off on the treadmill. High incline. Forty-five minutes of fat burning.

When Tank’s done with the running, he’s back in the kitchen with “super food cakes”: spinach, kale, onions, carrots, etc., all baked into bit-sized muffins. He’ll have a few after a brutal run. Then it’s time for more cardio before he hits the weights. All this before noon—sometimes with a supplement shake mixed in.

Surely, Tank is starving by now. Nope, that’s not the case.

“I’m not a heavy eater,” he explained. “I don’t eat a lot. Which is kind of how I stay lean. I don’t do it on purpose. I just don’t have a large appetite.”



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