Saturday, June 19, 2021

Minneapolis Police Refuse to Respond to Crimes in ‘George Floyd Autonomous Zone’

George Floyd (photo: office of ben crump)
George Floyd

*The Minneapolis Police Department has reportedly refused to enter the “Free State of George Floyd” zone to respond to crimes.

The Minnesota Sun reports on the case of a woman who was pushed out of a window during a domestic dispute on April 29, on the corner of East 38th Street and Elliot Avenue. The victim sustained multiple injuries, but when she called 911 for help, police refused to come because she was inside George Floyd Square, a four-block autonomous zone that is designated as “cop-free.”

“Is it possible to have her move at least a block away, maybe [to] 38 and 10th?” a responding police officer can be heard asking dispatch in a recorded radio conversation.

“She is bleeding and cut everywhere, but we’ll call her back and ask her to move a block away,” the dispatcher responded.

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A similar situation occurred after Dameon Chambers was shot during a Juneteenth celebration at the zone, and paramedics were barred from offering him aid. Police “ultimately had to pull Mr. Chambers to an area where the ambulance could access [him],” according to a city document, per the Associated Press. Chambers died.

When a pregnant woman named Leneesha Columbus was shot in the zone, an officer told dispatch…. “We’ll meet at 34th and Elliot, see if we can get the victim extracted to a closer location to us,” as reported by the Minnesota Reformer. Columbus and her child died.

Seventy-five percent of the businesses inside the zone are black-owned, and many residents and business owners feel abandoned by city officials. 

“The police, fire trucks, can’t come in here,” said a man who owns Smoke in the Pit, a business located inside the zone, the New York Post reported.

Gang members are reportedly maintaining order within the “Free State of George Floyd”.

Ny MaGee
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