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Kandi Burruss Recalls Sparring with Boyz II Men in Studio, Wanya Morris Responds

*Singer and songwriter Kandi Burruss was recently pressed by Eddie Levert of the O’Jays about who was the most difficult artist she collaborated with in the studio. The “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star recalled being “disrespected” by Boyz II Men back in the day, and one of the group members has now responded. 

“Ain’t no love lost, I mean this is 100 years later so it doesn’t even matter. But yeah, I had a bad experience in the studio with Boyz II Men,” Kandi told Eddie and his daughter (see clip below). 

“We fell out after that [session in the studio]. It was an issue. I don’t think I’ve ever been disrespected like that before in a studio in my life. It was crazy, really. But at the end of the day that was a long time ago. Clearly, you know, we’ve moved past that or whatever,” Burruss explained. 

“It was kind of weird for me because we were friends prior,” she continued. “Well, some of us were cool — I didn’t know everybody but I knew a few of them. We had hung out different times prior to being in the studio working together so it was kind of unexpected to me that working together would have that result. It wasn’t a good situation.”

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Boyz II Men member Wanya Morris has responded to Kandi’s comments and said their fallout was over a disagreement about who would be given credit for the song they were working on at the time. 

“We’ve been taught you write [a song] and you split [songwriting credits] down the middle that way there’s no discrepancies,” Morris said of Boyz II Men. “We finish the song, and once we finish the song she started talking about splits. Now the song wasn’t actually finished but she started talking about splits.”

“Now we’re from the old school,” Morris explained. “We’re from the ‘Aye, you write a lyric, I’ll write a lyric’ — it’s really about just building this whole thing together. She started talking about splits and we sat there and we were like ‘Splits?’ First of all we didn’t even finish sing the song yet. We didn’t finish writing the song yet. Why would we talk about splits?”

Morris recalled Kandi saying, “‘I mean well because I came up with the hook and the hook is the major part of the song.’” 

“We made a little bit of a stink,” he added. “And it wasn’t anything crazy like ‘Who do you think you are?’ It’s just like ‘That’s not how we work.’ From that point, it became a little bit harder to work with her.”

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