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ESPN’s Stephen A. Smith Talks Cherishing Mom, Dating Black Women & New Show / WATCH

Stephen A's World - banner-promo*ESPN’s iconic sports commentator Stephen A. Smith chopped it up with radio and TV personality Jazmyn Summers for the new EURweb Spotlight video interview show about his innovative new series “Stephen A.’s World” on ESPN+

“I get to step away from the debate format bring levity and different characters, celebrating  the people I bring on.  The  biggest thing for me is I’m not just a host but executive producer.  This is me venturing into a different realm,” says Stephen A.

The show airs four times a week and dives into pop culture, social injustice and sports with guests ranging from Jamie Foxx and Ice Cube to CNN’s Don Lemon and comedians Desus and Mero.

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It’s not the first time Stephen A started his own thing. After being fired as a reporter from the Philadelphia Inquirer, he launched  his own blog,  eventually being rehired after fighting it through arbitration.  He told EURweb Spotlight that his mama taught him to never stay down.

“I had an incredibly strong mother who busted her tail to raise me and my sisters. She’s the greatest woman I’ve ever known.  She built a spirit in me that said you don’t give up.  You expect to get knocked down. But you don’t stay down.”

Aww. Don’t you love a man who honors his mama!

We got a little up close and personal too.  Stephen A. revealed he’s in a relationship right now.  Sorry ladies.   But he looks for a woman who is “sincere and honest.”

He added: “Communication is incredibly important and pleasure should never be underestimated.” he told Spotlight. “If you ain’t pleasing the one you’re with why should the one you’re with wanna be with you.  Too many people are  thinking about what they can get not what they give.”  And his preference , “I’m a Black man, I love all women but make no mistake about it,  I make no apologies  about the fact that my sisters will always come first”.

We love you back Stephen A.

stephen a 2

We also got a chance to jump into a little bit of sports  — how could we not –he talked about his comments that the Brooklyn Nets are  trying to “buy” a championship.

“Kevin Durant is a superstar and once he comes back healthy I think the Nets will win the championship” he told Summers.  He thinks ONLY the LA Lakers have a chance to beat them.  And the popular  sports commentator threw some shade on Blake Griffin and Lamarcus Aldridge for “seeking to  join another organization – a superstar team–  that had nothing to do with developing you.”

A little Stephen A trivia for you:  Michael Jordan is the GOAT on and off the team, King James comes in second. His favorite color is green and lavender.  He is a lasagna man and also loves him some big turkey wings.  Get out those lasagna recipes ladies. And his idea of a dope party: “I’m very family oriented. My definition of a party is having family and loved ones in my backyard.”

Check out the full video interview.

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Jazmyn Summers

Interview/article by Jazmyn Summers. Follow her @jaztalk1 on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. Video editing by



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