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Laz Alonso Talks Staying Flexible as an Actor Working With Director Guy Ritchie

*“Wrath of Man” is the new United Artists action thriller starring Jason Statham, Scott Eastwood, Las Alonso, and rapper Post Malone. The film re-teams Statham with Guy Ritchie. The director who started off Stratham’s acting career by casting him in his first role, the 1998 movie “Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels.”

Stratham is “H,” a secretive new security guard for an armored cash truck company. He surprises his co-workers when during an attempted robbery, he unleashes precision skills. The crew he works with wants to know who he really is and why he’s there. His real motives become apparent, and we see just how far he’s willing to go to settle a score.

Laz Alonso (Amazon Prime’s “The Boys”) stars as an ex-military vet named Carlos, a heist crew member who ends up on “H’s” radar. EUR’s Jill Munroe talked with Alonso about working with director Ritchie and learning the choreography for the stunts.

Jill Munroe: Working on a film with Jason, you know to expect a lot of action and drama. What was the training process like for “Wrath of Man”?

Laz Alonso: I literally wrapped season two of “The Boys” four days before I was on a plane headed to London. So I had a ton of training, especially weapons training. Once I got to London it was a lot of fight choreography. And trying to figure out how the exchange between me and Jason’s character was going to happen. The way Guy directs his movies – nothing that you think will happen, or that’s been written to happen on that script – it could all change in the matter of a minute.

He has a guy with a laptop slung around his neck, always rewriting a scene, rewriting lines, rewriting action sequences. It keeps you on your toes. That’s something you can’t prepare for. That’s something I don’t think any actor is ready for. In a split second, you might have to learn three pages of new dialogue and a new action sequence.

Jill Munroe: How do you adapt to that as an actor?

Laz Alonzo: It’s not going to look pretty. It’s not going to look clean, crisp, and choreographed. It’s going to look gritty, and it’s going to look dirty. You’re going to make mistakes, you’re going to drop stuff in the scene, and Guy keeps rolling. You just have to play it. Cause in real life, if you’re in an action sequence, and you drop a magazine or a weapon… you’re going to run and fumble trying to get the magazine in your gun while you’re hoping you don’t get shot. And that’s why his movies always feel so real. Because he puts you directly in the line of fire, changes it, and now you have to figure this out. And he never yells cut. He’s going to keep going until the tape runs out in the camera. And that’s why when you watch it, it feels like it was real life. You were really seeing somebody nervous, trying to figure this thing out, and feel like they screwed up.

“Wrath of Man” also features Raul Castillo, Josh Hartnett, Holt McCallany, and Niamh Algar. It hits theaters on May 7th.



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