Thursday, August 18, 2022

Why Glenn Close was Doin’ ‘Da Butt’ During the Oscars Ceremony (Watch)

Glenn Close - Oscars
Glenn Close doin’ Da Butt at the 93rd Academy Awards – April 25, 2021

*Glenn Close may have lost out on a record-setting eighth Oscar nomination on Sunday, but she won the night with her knowledge of “Da Butt,” including its D.C. go-go origins and a performance of the dance.

Close lost Best Supporting Actress honors to “Minari” star Yuh-Jung Youn at the 93rd Academy Awards. At 74, she entered record books as the most Oscar-nominated female actor with zero wins. Perhaps the writing was on the wall when her Oscar nominated role of Mamaw in the Netflix film “Hillbilly Elegy” also scored a Razzie nom.

Close, however, needs an Oscar for pulling off a bit that was perhaps the evening’s most shocking moment outside of Chadwick Boseman’s Best Actor snub to end the show. When asked by comedian, actor and Oscars co-host Lil’ Rel Howery to play an Oscars-themed game of name-that-tune, Close immediately identified “Da Butt,” by Washington D.C. go-go band Experience Unlimited, even calling them by their more popular shortened named, E.U.

“It was a classic song,” Close dead-panned, before going on to drop more fun facts about the booty-bouncing anthem. To the audience’s shock, she noted that it came from Spike Lee’s 1988 film “School Daze” and used an expletive in saying that the movie should’ve received Oscar attention at the time.

An impressed Lil’ Rel upped the stakes and asked if she could also do “Da Butt.”

Welp, she did that as well.

Watch below:




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