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Black Rob’s Manager Reacts to Diddy Paying for Late Rapper’s Funeral: ‘He Dead and Gone Now’

black rob
Black Rob

*After Diddy was dragged by hip-hop fans over his treatment of former Bad Boy artist Black Rob, the music mogul offered to pay for Rob’s funeral. But Rob’s manager, Kal Dawson, thinks the kind gesture comes a little too late. 

Robert Ross, better known as Black Rob, passed away on Saturday (04-17-21) in an Atlanta area hospital from health complications.  He was 51. Rob came to fame as a Bad Boy Records artist, and his former boss, Sean ‘Diddy’ Combs paid tribute to his former artist in a post shared on Instagram.

Combs posted a throwback photo on IG of himself and Black Rob, writing in the caption: “Rest in power King @therealblackrob! As I listen to your records today there’s one thing that they all have in common! You have made millions of people all over the world feel good and dance! You are one of a kind! GOD BLESS! Love. You will be truly missed!!!!”

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Black Rob previously called out Puff and Bad Boy Records for refusing to pay for his medical bills. During an appearance on the Murder Master Music Show, Dawson reacted to Diddy’s reported contribution.

“Through somebody else that was affiliated with Rob, Diddy reached out and was gonna do something for Rob, this is when the video first went up when he was in the hospital,” he said, per Complex. “People dragging their feet and nothing got done. So now you gonna pay for his funeral, he dead and gone now! Everybody wanna do something for you when you are dead and gone!”

Dawson also noted that he was the one who filmed the video of Rob in the hospital that caught Diddy’s attention. 

“I did that I was there with him. A lot of people that could’ve helped didn’t help. That’s why I put the video up to show’em that everybody wanna keep shit hush-hush, but he is not getting no help,” he said. “You can’t tell people what to do with their money, but a lot of people that were in position to help but they didn’t and it was too late because he passed away Saturday, a week after DMX.”

Dawson later took to Instagram to address the lies surrounding Black Rob’s hospitalization.

“This is the reason why Black Rob ended up being in Atlanta since March 5th he was booked for all star weekend in Atlanta never went back to NYC,” he wrote. “alot of lies are being told but the truth is coming out i was his manager it’s a fact people are doing interviews about Black Rob to rolling stone magazine and it is not acute at all.”


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Meanwhile, as reported by Black Enterprise, social media didn’t take too kindly to Diddy offering to pay for Rob’s funeral. Several of his Instagram followers lit up the comments of his tribute post to Rob, blasting him for leaving his artists broke and nearly homeless. Diddy reportedly deleted much of the hate, but BE captured a few of the responses that weren’t yet deleted. 

One IG user wrote, “we know well enough to know Diddy finessed the man and then he went homeless, he needed 50k for medical expenses which he never got.”

Another added, Black people stop making this man rich what the hell is he really doing for the community? His own artist are dying homeless and broke. You wanna do right by this man make sure he is buried right.

A third wrote, “You didn’t care about him at all. You threw him to the side like a lot of your artists. Then you live comfy off the royalties.”

Another follower called Diddy out for not making an effort to come to Black Rob’s aid while he was ailing, writing: “I understand your not his pops and not obligated to give him anything but I’d think just being a good human and friend you woulda helped him out. So what if he made bad decisions so what if he made mistakes. Dude you have almost a BILLLLION DOLLARS … not to mention it could have even been a tax write off for donation. How you couldn’t reach out and help is insane. You coulda got him even a little 100k townhouse somewhere and let him just rest and live. I couldn’t have a billion dollars and let one of my former star platinum artists who was my friend be out there dying homeless with nothing. The good human in me just couldn’t do that.”

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