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Christopher ‘Plant Kween’ Griffin Teams with Disney+ for Earth Day Celebration of Plants

Aladdin - Snake Plant (1)
Aladdin – Snake Plant / Photo credit: Courtesy of Plant Kween

*In honor of Earth Day (April 22) Disney+ is teaming with influential plant-enthusiast Christopher Griffin, aka Plant Kween, for a creative collaboration of plants inspired by his favorite Disney films – “Coco,” “The Aristocats,” “Aladdin and Jungle Book” – while paying homage to the role that plants and nature play in bringing these beloved, imaginative tales to life.

“I’ve always enjoyed animated films and most of these movies were ones that I adored as a child and still enjoy as an adult. These films allow me an opportunity to take a break and reminisce about those childhood moments, but also give me a chance to watch these films through my adult eyes .. catching themes and lessons that I may have missed as a lil baby kween,” Griffin says.

Per press release, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic, as everyone has been relegated to their homes to quarantine, a boom in indoor houseplants has increased across all demographics as people are finding comfort, routine, community and creativity through this hobby. So, what’s Griffin’s advice for new plant parents?

“Have fun with it all, be curious and be ready to learn. There is no green thumb … it’s all about finding the right plant that matches you as a person and what your space can provide,” he says.

“Plants are wonderful air purifiers, releasing moisture in the air which is great for indoors spaces.  I’ve found indoor gardening to be a wonderful way to reduce my own levels of stress and anxiety. This appreciation for nature has manifested into a journey to green up the spaces I call home,” he explains. “But being a plant person can be more than just building that fabulous plant fam … it can extend into a whole lifestyle … from environmental politics, to the food you choose to eat, to the clothes you wear, to the products you use … it’s a whole world of planty-ness dahling, and this kween is learning more and more each day. Each day I am getting better about practicing routines, habits and ways of being that is ultimately healthier for me and healthier for this beautiful precious planet we call home.”

In the accompanying photos, Plant Kween shares care tips for his favorite plants an explanation of the corresponding Disney film — check ’em out below.

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Jungle Book - Ficus Ben (1)
Jungle Book – Ficus Ben/ Photo credit: Courtesy of Plant Kween

The Jungle Book x Ficus Benghalensis

Ms. Ficus Benghalensis, also known as the banyan, would have to be paired with one of my favs, The Jungle Book. The movie takes place in the tropics of India and this particular green gurl is not only native to India’s sultry scene but is also THE national tree of India! I’m quite sure as Mowgli and Baloo were raving about Old Mother Nature’s recipe that brings the bare necessities to life, Ms. Ficus was in the background shimmying her branch to the beat 

Care Tip: These kweens thrive in a bright warm sultry scene, so give these green gurls a lot of light with a few hours of direct sunlight if you can. Place in a spot that is free of cold drafts and get a humidifier … or place in a bright bathroom. 


Coco - Monstera (1)
Coco – Monstera / Photo credit: Courtesy of Plant Kween

Coco x Monstera 

The classic Ms. Monstera D. would have to be paired with one of my more recent favs, Coco. The animators drew inspiration from all over Mexico, and Ms. Monstera is native to the tropical rainforest of southern Mexico. I’m sure if Miguel and Hector, had a moment to enjoy the any viridescent vibes on their way to that shady Ernesto de la Cruz, Ms. Monstera would have been serving lush lewks amongst the greenery

Care Tip: These green gurls are resilient and adaptable kweens. Bright, indirect sunlight is this kween’s scene and she thrives best in the 65 – 70ºF temp range. She’s a tropical kween, so she loves her some humidity! Invest in a humidifier, place it near this kween and she’ll be serving lush lewks. Water these kween’s weekly in warmer months and every 2/3 weeks in colder months, allowing the soil to dry out in between waterings. 

Aristocats - Staghorn (1)
Aristocats – Staghorn / Photo credit: Courtesy of Plant Kween

The Aristocats x Staghorn Fern

Ms. Staghorn Fern would have to be paired with an oldie but goodie, The Aristocats. A classic cat lady stressed and in search of her dear Duchess and kittens, probably watered her non-toxic and pet-friendly Staghorn fern to calm her nerves. Staghorn ferns are wonderful green gurls for any home with furry lil frands prancing about. And we know that cat lady wasn’t about any toxic green gurls in her home with all those cats, I mean they were in her will, gurl

Care Tip: I’ve found that placing this plant in the shower and letting tepid water run over the antler frond and shield frond is the best way to care for this kween. She loves bright filtered light.

Aladdin - Snake Plant (1)
Aladdin – Snake Plant / Photo credit: Courtesy of Plant Kween

Aladdin x Snake Plant (above)

Ms. Snake Plant would have to be paired with Aladdin. One of my fav scenes is when that power-hungry diva, Jafar, was serving slithering realness magically transforming himself into that snake. That was a scene, gurl. Ms. Snake plant being so resilient, hardy and able to store a good amount of water in her leaves would probably be a cute green gurl for that palace … it’s prob one of the few green gurls that could survive in Agrabah

Care Tip: When it comes to the snake plant, over-watering is a common mistake, so always check the soil before you water it to ensure the soil is dry. Although it’s marketed as a low light plant, the snake plant does best in bright light and can do a few hours of direct sun. 

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