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Interracial Relationships in Modern Pop Culture

Christina and Owen
Christina and Owen

*Relationships featuring people from different races have become more commonplace over the last few decades. While interracial relationships were once met with chagrin, now they are noticed, celebrated, and considered rather normal. Let’s take a look at how these relationships have grown in the past and take a guess where they could be going in the future.

How Has the Representation of Interracial Relationships in Pop Culture Changed in Recent Years?

There was a time not that long ago, where you would rarely see interracial couples represented in pop culture. Movies didn’t show them, and television shows kept them on the periphery. Nowadays, interracial couples are featured in commercials, television shows, and movies. The interest in interracial couples in pop culture generates a greater demand for involvement in interracial relationships in real life and vice versa; the more people prefer interracial dating site, the more they want to see such relationships on the screen. Since people are more likely to embrace interracial relationships in their own lives, it’s a small wonder that these couples are receiving better representation in media.

5 Examples of Interracial Relationships in Pop Culture

As we have already said, more people are involved in interracial relationships, and those choices are being reflected in the pop culture of the modern-day. We have come up with a list of five different interracial couples that you may have seen in films or movies. These individuals demonstrate the ease with which people have accepted interracial couples in media today.

Glenn and Maggie from The Walking Dead

One of the strongest couples throughout their time on the show together was Glenn and Maggie. They fought together, fell in love, and even had a child, although Glenn was killed before he could spend any time with his child. Their natural chemistry on the show made the couple all the more believable, and their star status in pop culture has cemented their place as one of the best interracial couples on TV today.

Captain Holt and Kevin Cozner in Brooklyn Nine-Nine - tumblr_nkkgeffKv91uo6pjyo3_r1_500Captain Holt and Kevin Cozner in Brooklyn Nine-Nine

The ultra-private Captain Holt was revealed to be both gay and in a relationship with a white man. While the show touches on the difficulties, the two have been through as a result of having two major identity differences from the rest of society, the couple works. We haven’t seen enough of Kevin Cozner to get a good bead on the relationship between him and Holt, but it’s clear they are both intellectuals.

Jane and Mike in Jane the Virgin

Jane and Mike are two star-crossed lovers that had a very good relationship on screen. The two were very natural together, with Mike sometimes being caught off-guard by Jane and her family’s cultural differences. They didn’t butt heads due to their interracial coupling, though, only the vagaries of life in a telenovela.

Christina and Owen in Grey’s Anatomy

Owen is a military veteran looking to make a difference in emergency medicine, and Christian Yang was already doing the same in the confines of a hospital. When these two got together, their personalities seemed set to explode against one another. Over time, they won each other through their amazing work in medicine, and they became a great couple and a perfect symbol of a powerful interracial couple.

Gloria and Jay in Modern Family

Jay is about as white as a man can get, and he managed to marry the beautiful Gloria. Their interracial relationship demonstrates the challenges of combining two cultures, especially when it comes to raising children while trying to instill different sets of values. The couple is loving, feisty, and fun to watch.

The Future of Interracial Relationships

What will be the future of interracial relationships and their portrayal on-screen? It’s hard to say. On the one hand, it seems as though people are becoming more accepting of them, and that means that showing them won’t be considered pushing the envelope any longer. It will simply be commonplace, and that can be boring to companies looking to do more in terms of representation. On the other hand, interracial relationships in television and films are likely to increase as well. Now that it’s become more commonplace to see couples that are interracial, it’s time for shows to start plumbing the depths of the narratives and examine the complexities that come with such relationships. Normalizing these relationships can have a highly positive impact on the viewers.

Interracial relationships are becoming more much more common in the present pop culture. Although the increased representation is great, we must realize that social changes have allowed this to be as acceptable to mainstream media companies. The acceptance of interracial couples is a great start, and other forms of inclusivity are on the horizon. And for obvious reasons, people are bolder in looking for partners and getting involved in interracial relationships as well. Pay attention to pop culture and see how new elements of diversity are being portrayed!



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