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Small World! ‘ZeaZoo & Land of Boo’ Spring Book Giveaway/Promotion – Enter and Win!

ZeaZoo & Land of Boo - ebook cover

*EURweb, Black University Radio Network, iAmerica Soul Publishing and Blackmon Entertainment  join forces to present the “Small World” eBook Contest and you are invited to enter and win!

It’s a small world! ZeaZoo & Land Of Boo “An Urban Fairytale” the award-winning  animation/motion picture screenplay has been transformed into an amazing graphic novel, ebook and paperback limited edition.

This ground-breaking, family friendly, graphic novel, enters uncharted waters in the lucrative elusive children’s animation, comics and Fantasy book categories. Targeting boys and girls ages: 7 -17.

Perfect  for kids summer-time lounging and personal adventures.

ZeaZoo & Land of Boo - b-boy in townBook Synopsis:

Zea, a disenchanted boy gets caught in the great hurricane  nearly drowns and awaken in the Land Of Boo a mythical magical wonderland under the sea.

Join him in his epic adventure as he tries to find his way back home. The journey may cost him everything, including his life and the life of his family and friends. Soon he will discover,  all that glitters is not “bling-bling.”

“It’s a story of triumph that I have been trying to tell on a major platform since 2006. An “Urban Fairytale” told by us. Celebrating our children and young people, while embracing the trials and tribulations of growing up.  It’s a moralistic tale of adventure and hero stories. Something Disney nor Dream Works or Warner (or any of the majors) even at this time, are even entertaining,” explains Diane Blackmon, author, publisher and creator of ZeaZoo.

Blackmon adds:

“The screenplay was nominated in the Beverly Hills Film festival, some years back, but that was it. Nothing more happened. I’m extremely excited to publish ‘ZeaZoo & Land Of Boo,’ an urban fairy tale as an ebook graphic novel, and children’s book through Amazon, the Netflix for books. Remember, it’s from the producers of ‘Ancient History Hunters,’ ‘Straight Out of America,’ iAmerica Soul Publishing and the founder of BURN, Black University Radio Network.”

ZeaZoo & Land of BooEnter and Win!

To Enter, all you have to do is send/email your full name and complete mailing address and mobile phone number to:

5 Grand Prize Winners will receive a ZeaZoo & Land Of Boo EBook and VIP subscription to the official  Land Of Boo newsletter + other gear, gifts and Giveaways


Deadline May 30, 2021

Amazon Kindle Kids has carved out a lucrative “urban niche” in several categories including popular youth,  kids  books, Comics and Graphic Novels.

ZeaZoo & Land Of Boo “An Urban Fairytale”

Book Launch:  May Day! 

May 1, 2021 on AMAZON.COM Books worldwide.

ZeaZoo - a disenchanted boy gets caught in the great hurricane nearly drowns and awaken in the Land Of Boo a mythical magical wonderland under the sea




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