Tuesday, September 27, 2022

‘Mortal Kombat’ Stars Talk Training, Comedy and Spoilers


*One more victory and Outworld will gain control over Earth forever!

Will the unlikely pairing of a rogue mercenary and a soldier be able to stand against the champions of Outworld in the fast-approaching Mortal Kombat tournament? Well, GET OVER HERE and see Josh Lawson and Jessica McNamee become Kano and Sonya Blade in the upcoming 2021 release of New Line Cinema and Atomic Monster/Broken Road Productions’ ‘Mortal Kombat’, set to premiere on April 23rd. 

EUR correspondent Tifarah Dixon sits and talks training, comedy, and spoiler alerts with the stars of the film ‘Mortal Kombat’ (2021).

mortal kombat, Jessica McNamee
JESSICA MCNAMEE as Sonya Blade in MORTAL KOMBAT (2021|Warner Bros.)

Q: Oh my gosh Jessica! This was our first time seeing you fight like this and you looked SO natural! Do you have an extensive background in Martial Arts or were you introduced to it for this film?

JM: No, this is very new territory for me! I had a lot of help, a lot of amazing teachers along the way, an amazing stunt team to teach us the choreography, and of course an amazing stunt double who would jump in whenever I needed a hand. So I can’t take all of the credit but I certainly gave it a ‘red-hot go’ as much as I could and I really enjoyed that side of filming!

Q: Josh, you’re very familiar with the world of comedy! Is there a huge difference being the comedic relief in an action film versus being in a comedy?

JL: I think our esteemed director, Simon McQuoid made it clear that he wanted Kano to bear the load of the comedy because films like this need an outlet for that; but I didn’t want it to be two-dimensional and just for laughs, so it was fun to be able to figure out who he was as a character. He’s sort of a ‘fish out of water’ in a way I think that’s where the comedy comes from; it’s his response to the seriousness of the other characters around him.

To hear more about the characters Kano & Sonya Blade and how they were brought to life, watch the full interview!

mortal kombat, Josh Lawson
JOSH LAWSON as Kano in MORTAL KOMBAT (2021|Warner Bros.)

‘Mortal Kombat’ is set to release nationwide on April 23rd in theaters and on HBO Max for 31 days from theatrical release. For more details on ‘Mortal Kombat’ go to mortalkombatmovie.com or @mortalkombatmovie.




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