Sunday, September 19, 2021

Elderly Oklahoma Woman Sues Police for Breaking Her Arm During Arrest [VIDEO]

*A 74-year-old Oklahoma woman is suing the police over an encounter that allegedly left her with a broken arm. 

Ruby Jones, who is Black, accuses the officers of using excessive force while serving an arrest warrant for her son last year. Per CBS, Jones’ attorneys announced Tuesday that they filed an amended lawsuit against Oklahoma City and officers Dan Bradley, Ryan Staggs and James Ray — calling for their termination. 

“They pulled it back and they pulled it all the way up my back,” she said. “I know, it was God that spared my life, because I would have been dead …”

The bodycam footage shows the officers arriving with an arrest warrant for Ruby’s son Chauncey, who allegedly called in a bomb threat at the Red Rock Behavioral Center. The police traced the call back to Ruby’s home, according to the report. Jones claims the officers refused to provide proof of a warrant to enter her home.

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Here’s more from the CBS report:

At one point during the video, she asked officers to not shoot her 43-year-old son because he suffered from bipolar depression and told them multiple times that he did not have a gun. In the footage, as they detained her, she complains about having a heart condition and one of the officers is overheard saying, “I don’t care.” When they put the handcuffs on her and pulled her from her arms, she screamed and said they were hurting her. Police then brought Jones outside and held her in the patrol car for almost an hour.

Ruby alleges the officers “grabbed her arm, and forcefully yanked her out of the bedroom.”

In the court docs, she claims they broke her arm after throwing her against a mirror and handcuffing her, per TMZShe is suing for assault and battery, excessive force, and seeking unspecified damages.

Hear more from Ruby and her attorney about the case via the YouTube clip above.

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