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Niecy Nash Calls Out ‘Disrespectufl’ Singles Sliding in Married People’s DMs [WATCH]

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*Niecy Nash took to Instagram Sunday to call out “disrespectful” single people who like to slide in the DMs of married folks.

In her video message, Nash did not mention anyone by name, but she seemed to be reacting to a follower who wrote something inappropriate in the comments.

“This is a PSA for those of you who have been disrespectful in the comments and the DMs of someone who is married,” Niecy began. “I’m gonna tell you stop it and I’m gonna tell you why. One, it’s disrespectful. Two, you end up in a situation where you show up to a place saying, ‘I’m about to play myself.’”

Niecy then advised folks who seek entanglements with someone else’s spouse to stop being second best.

Check out the video below.

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“Why are you second best? You are not. First of all, stop that, but here’s the second part. God is never going to tell you that somebody else’s spouse is your good thing,” said Niecy. “So don’t be disrespectful. Stop it because what’s for you is for you and what’s for somebody else….uhhh.”

As reported by MadameNoire, when Niecy’s wife, Jessica Betts hopped in the comments, several followers reacted to the specific commenter who inspired Nash’s video.

“@jessicabettsmusic I saw the comment before I saw who it was from and I said ‘folks still being disrespectful’ LOL,” one fan wrote.

“Me too!!! I was like “what did she JUST say?!” LOL,” added another.

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