Wednesday, July 6, 2022

EUR Auto Revuiew: 2021 Mazda CX 30


Cute, compact, but nothing special

MSRP $21,900

The CX 30 is a car for commuting and parking in small spaces. It’s not particularly spacious and doesn’t offer anything ultra special. But it does give the compact car driver a little boost of height for a little more control of the road. What it does offer is great curb appeal and an impressive exterior. 

2021-mazda-cx-30--premium-interior-designPretty design: This CUV has got some class. Mazda’s been doing its thing with the latest look across the company’s fleet and the CX 30 doesn’t disappoint in that area. Although on the compact side, it does stand out among a sea of other vehicles with that signature Mazda grill and long hood. The interior is also pretty, well designed and features a clean look. 

Vibrant Infotainment Screen & Trendy Tech: In the past, using a center control knob was not my preference. But in this vehicle, I found it particularly convenient as the screen was a bit out of comfort’s reach (and isn’t touch sensitive). The knob made it easy to toggle between apps, screens and other cool features on the infotainment system. The system easily pairs with iPhones and Androids alike. Plus the sound system is quite lovely, an essential for any commute. 

Lacks Space all around: When I first jumped into the driver’s seat, I immediately noticed the width of my hips (hehehe). The seat was a little on the narrow side and was a little uncomfortable. Plus, bringing passengers along was a bit of a circus act – all of us were adjusting seats to ensure the ride wouldn’t feel too long for back seat riders. This CUV doesn’t give you a whole lot of space for passengers, but the trunk space is sufficient. I did put the back seats down to get a better feel for the big item hauls for shopping sprees at places like IKEA or for moving that unwanted furniture. The CX 30 does its thing and gets the job done. 

Overall, the CX 30 is a decent buy, but doesn’t offer a whole lot that the competition doesn’t. Its curb appeal is among the top rated features, for me, however and gives this car a boost when it comes to riding in style. I do adore its compact size for easy maneuvering and parking in tight spaces. But I’m not a fan of its back seat. 




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