Wednesday, September 28, 2022

Viola Davis Announces Her New Voluminous Mascara Campaign with L’Oréal Paris [WATCH]

*Viola Davis is the newest face of L’Oréal Paris’ Voluminous Mascara, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

Davis appears in a new campaign for the product, and she admits to PEOPLE that she’s “a little late to the makeup game.”

.”I always want to see my eyelashes, and that just does the job,” she says of the Voluminous Mascara. “My niece is always coming [to my house] and there are times when I’m like, ‘You can’t have my mascara Annabelle.'”

Davis says the project is important to her because representation matters, check out the clip above. 

“One of the reasons why it means so much to me is because I am aware of what my presence means to other people. And not just women of color, women of a certain age,” she said. “I’m very shy and introverted by nature. I can really shrink sometimes. But when I hear so many people say how much just my presence means to them, I’m really humbled. I always think, ‘Okay, so what is it that I’m doing?’ [But], what I’ve done in the last year is I’ve accepted it.”

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Viola Davis
Viola Davis

Davis adds that “this campaign with this face and this hair at this age – and to be out there uttering words like, ‘You’re worth it,’ it’s everything to me because I know how it lands on people. There are some who’ve lived their whole lives and have never heard that.”

“And it being in the context of a beauty campaign, that seems right to me, and brings me a great deal of joy. I feel like, no matter what you decide to do in life, the one reason why you were born is because you’re worth it. And that for me is why I love being a part of this campaign.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, she dished up about encouraging her daughter 10-year-old Genesis to “be honest about what she’s feeling and knowing that she don’t have to keep anything in. To start sort of that practice right now of sharing with people that you know have your back, like mommy and daddy. And if you don’t share, if you don’t tell us then we can’t help you.”

Davis added, “The whole idea also of finding meaning and finding purpose in your life is not just limited to what you do. I really push her being a great friend to people, she has that down.”

“And [we discuss] the notion of setting boundaries for herself. There’s a famous saying: don’t throw your pearls before swine. I tell her that all the time that not everybody is worthy of her presence. But listen, all of these lessons are hard, and daughter’s 10. I let her know, ‘You’re still growing, you’re still changing. You’re still exploring. You don’t have to arrive at anything yet.'”

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