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Porsha Williams Accuses Marlo Hampton of Being a ‘Clout Chaser’ [VIDEO]

*Porsha Williams accused Marlo Hampton of being a ‘clout chaser’ following their fallout on a recent episode of “The Real Housewives of Atlanta.” 

Sunday’s episode saw Hampton and Williams put their differences aside thanks to Marlo’s new friendship with Kenya Moore. But when Marlo suspected Porsha of lying to her about hooking up with a male stripper, things went left during the cast’s dinner with Big Freedia

Marlo’s emotions over what Porsha is doing with her va-jay-jay had her turning to Big Freedia for advice.

“You’re friends with someone who you love, you admire, you’ve been through a lot with in your life,” Marlo began, referring to Porsha, per Daily Mail. “Someone whom you didn’t like, you didn’t like her name being mentioned for years. She comes and she tells you something about that friend. And you go and you ask that friend, “Is it true?” And that friend says it’s not true. How do you run that when you love where you’re at now with the person that you’ve hated forever? What do you do?”

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Kenya Moore and Marlo Hampton 

“Honestly, I don’t like confrontation so I just walk away from it all,” said Big Freedia.

“I just leave it alone…’ Marlo considered. ‘And they both leave me out of it and treat me the way they’ve always treated me. ‘Cause it’s like I’m really stuck there.”

In a confessional, Porsha said, “I thought we were done! What are you trying to get at?”

Marlo added, “The main thing I’m just worried about I don’t want to lose either one of the friends. I love the friendship I have with both. The other one is new, but it feels good compared to where we were because we were so bitter with one another. She had me angry—I was screaming.”

“Do you think it’s a real friend, honestly, if you couldn’t stand this person for such a long time and y’all just becoming friends?” Big Freedia asked.

“What I’m gonna tell you… it’s so calculated how this person came around right when they were trying to come in and hurt me,” Marlo replied.

“Wait a minute, are you talking about me?” Porsha asked. “We just had this conversation.”

“I wasn’t going to throw you under the bus,” Marlo countered. “There’s seven women here.”

During the RHOA After Show, the drama between Porsha and Marlo came up, with Porsha noting that it wasn’t until after the dinner that she figured out how Kenya played a role in why Marlo was upset after they hugged it out. 

Here’s more from MadameNoire:

Giving more details, when one of the producers asked Porsha why she thought Marlo was so willing to forgive Kenya and put their infamous and low-down feud behind her so that the two women could move forward, Porsha shadily responded by saying that riding other “powerful” cast member’s “coattails” is something Marlo has a history of.

“Some people are clout chasers like that,” Porsha said on Marlo’s ability to make up with Kenya. “And if she thought that Kenya was gonna be able to ruin my name, ruin me and bring me down, then she was gonna go on the next most powerful thing. And that’s who she thought Kenya was. The same way she rode NeNe’s coattail for years, okay? — Years.”

Watch the full episode of the RHOA After Show via the YouTube clip above. 

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