Saturday, May 21, 2022

EUR Auto Review: 2021 Sonata Hybrid Limited

2021 Sonata Hybrid Limited

Affordable luxury and incredible savings

MSRP: $35,300

I really love what Hyundai is doing with their vehicles. Ten years ago, the brand was not keeping up with the competition style-wise, but the company has really turned that around. The brand is making luxury, class and style super affordable and sustainable.

Recently, I had a chance to test drive the 2021 Sonata Hybrid Limited on the roads of LA and was supremely pleased. From the smooth ride to the curb appeal and comfy interior, I thought about making the purchase myself.

Luxury feel: Stepping into the vehicle, I was surprised at the amount of space. Being from LA with a family of tall adults, you want everyone to be comfortable for those long rides. In this car, everyone sort of has their zone of comfort: leg room, body hugging seats and climate control. But that’s not it, what seemed like noise canceling windows, made the ride almost too good. It’s like driving in your own bubble. Inside, the sounds system features an ambient music or nature sounds option, where you can choose to immerse yourself in the forest or pretend you’re at the beach, listening to the ocean waves. Or imagine you’re cozied up next to a fireplace or sitting at a busy coffee shop. It was an unexpected feature I loved. Imagine sitting on the 405 (or wherever you are in the world) in traffic on your way to work. The honks, the stop and go – nothing would bother you. Why because you’d have your peace  place right in your car. Plus the ambient lighting is an extra special touch you’ll love. 

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2021 Sonata Hybrid Limited

Safety features on lock: These days, many vehicles come equipped with the latest tools, alerts and more. The Sonata doesn’t stray from that, ensuring drivers have all of the options at their fingertips including drive assist and even an alert, letting you know the leading driver is moving, just in case you find yourself a little distracted at the wheel. 

Hybrid power to the max: Hybrid vehicles have certainly improved over the years, equipped with better power. The Sonata, which features four driving modes, is not a wimp on the road. It pushes up hills without slowing the lane down and with incredible ease. Shifting between modes is as easy as a flip of a switch and the changes aren’t starkly different. Even in Eco mode, you’d be pleasantly surprised that you can still make power moves on the road while preserving energy and gas. Speaking of which, this model comes equipped with a roof solar panel. Hyundai claims the panel gets a driver two miles of sun power a day.

Overall, the Sonata is a great buy and from what I hear from previous buyers of older models, it’s a reliable car, plus it’s kinda sexy! 




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