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Actor Hill Harper Launches America’s First Black-Owned Digital Wallet: ‘The Black Wall Street’

Hill Harper2
Hill Harper

*Actor Hill Harper is best known for his riveting television roles on “CSI: NY,” “Limitless,” and “The Good Doctor.” However, Harper says his current project is the most important endeavor of his life, as he addresses the growing wealth gap in this country that has financially crippled Black Americans by making them victims of institutionalized predators. And he is championing the importance of Black and Brown people in the United States building cross-generational wealth.

In his quest to honor April as “Financial Literacy Month,” Hill will announce on Thursday, April 8, details of his partnership in The Black Wall Street, the “first black-owned digital wallet and Bitcoin exchange platform in the United States. He will outline the entity’s mission and goals of creating a groundbreaking Fintech app for the Black, Brown, and LatinX communities.

“The Black Wall Street app and digital wallet and will allow our communities to learn financial literacy, as well as invest and recirculate dollars within the Black community,” Harper told’s, Lee Bailey. “It’s important that folks understand that we are quickly moving from a hard money or physical dollars world to a digital currency world. Digital money is here to stay.”

According to Harper, The Black Wall Street will help people learn more about investing in wealth-building crypto, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, starting blocks for building wealth. In essence, Harper wants to educate Black and Brown people on sending and receiving cash and crypto with other members. His goal is to educate people of color on stopping their dollars from leaving the communities at rapid rates.

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The Black Wall StreetHarper also speaks on the importance of Black and Brown people moving away from using predatory establishments like check cashing places and paying bills using cash app and PayPal, which he said are not owned by Black or Brown people.

Through it all, Harper believes the pathway to financial prosperity in Black and Brown communities is through cryptocurrency.

“What we have created is the circulation of dollars through a digital wallet platform, and an investment platform that will allow you to invest in cryptocurrency, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum,” Harper said. “This is a critical component because the buying power of the actual physical dollar has been decreasing significantly over the last 100 years. And the technology offers us the opportunity to change the racial wealth gap moving into the future. It’s such an incredible application that technology has developed.”

To get his message to the masses, Harper told that The Black Wall Street is launching “The Digital Financial Revolution Tour,” which will crisscross the United States with stops in many cities with significant Black and Brown populations. The tour kicks off on April 30, 2021 in Los Angeles and ends June 5 in Miami.  It will make a stop in Tulsa, Oklahoma and its historic Greenwood District on May 31 and June 1. This stop will acknowledge the 100th Centennial of The Tulsa Race Massacre (aka, the Black Wall Street Massacre).  The District was one of the most prominent concentrations of Black businesses in the early 20th century.

The Black Wall Street1Harper said that the tour would be an opportunity for his team to deliver valuable information about the importance of investing in Bitcoin and Ethereum and how to start filling the wealth gap and begin building cross-generational wealth. He points out that one of the nation’s leading experts on the subject, Najah Roberts, will be part of the tour. Roberts, who hosts a daily cryptocurrency platform on the Black Bitcoin Billionaire’s banner, will also appear in close to 40 videos on The Black Wall Street website, to share her knowledge and help  individuals better understand and use the power of cryptocurrency.

“I’m committed to addressing the digital divide and economically uplifting our underserved communities through financial capacity building technology,” Harper said. “What and the Black Street Digital Wallet represent is a culmination of my life’s work because it is the most important and long-lasting legacy thing that I can do. I truly believe that we can’t have social justice without financial justice.”

Harper says that he wants people to go to, put in their email addresses, and be among the first to sign up. There will be giveaways of the Satoshi, a subunit of Bitcoin that will go into the digital wallet of individuals who sign up early.  Harper said if people are not online, they can still access The Black Wall Street.

“We are not leaving anybody out,” said Harper. “If you can’t get online, text me at 918.262.4604, and I’ll text you back.”

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