Friday, May 14, 2021

Teenager Who Recorded Police-killing of George Floyd Says His Death Changed Her Life

*Darnella Fraizer, the teenager who recorded the police killing of George Floyd last May, testified in the murder trial of Derek Chauvin this week that when she looked at Floyd that fateful day, she saw her relatives and friends.

“That could’ve been one of them,” she said on the witness stand, per MSN.

“When I look at George Floyd, I look at my dad, I look at my brothers, I look at my cousins, my uncles,” Frazier said. She testified that she has been haunted by the incident, staying up many nights “apologizing and apologizing to George Floyd for not doing more and not physically interacting and not saving his life.”

Fraizer noted, however, that “it’s not what I should have done. It’s what he (Chauvin) should have done.”

Floyd, a Black man, died on Memorial Day after Chauvin, who is white, pinned his knee against Floyd’s neck for more than nine minutes as Floyd cried out for his mother and said “I can’t breathe” more than 20 times.

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Darnella Frazier, Twitter

Chauvin was charged with second-degree murder, third-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter after Frazier captured him on video pressing his knee on the neck of Floyd for almost 10 minutes before he died.

Three other former Minneapolis police officers involved are charged with aiding and abetting Chauvin’s excessive use of force; they will stand trial in August.

“It wasn’t right,” Frazier said during her testimony on Tuesday. Floyd “was suffering, he was in pain.”

An earlier report on noted that Frazier, then 17 years old, said she was taking her 9-year-old cousin to Cup Foods when she saw “a man terrified, scared, begging for his life.” Frazier began crying as she described how she checked to see that her young cousin, who also testified Tuesday, was inside the store so that she would be spared the visual of what was happening. However, her cousin exited the store and watched much of the incident.

During the first week of jury selection, Frazier took to Facebook to comment on Chauvin’s case, saying he “deserves to go down.”

“George Floyd was already cuffed on the ground, a knee to the neck when you’re already restrained is absolutely unnecessary,” she wrote. “That man was begging for his life and Chauvin did not care.”

During cross-examination, defense attorney Eric Nelson asked Frazier if she was surprised her video went viral. “Definitely,” she responded.

“It changed your life, right?” Nelson asked.

“It has,” she said.

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