Thursday, August 18, 2022

Mom Goes Clean Off in NY Pizza Store After Delivery Driver Called Her Daughter N-Word (Watch)

Monique Hawkins
Monique Hawkins wants answers in Long Island pizza parlor “I Love Pizza” after a delivery driver allegedly called her the n-word (Facebook Live)

*A Long Island pizza delivery driver was fired after sending a text message to a Black customer that allegedly contained the N-word along with the message “Black lives don’t matter.”

Lashae Jerry says she and her kids were in Wantaugh Park on Saturday when they ordered food from I Love Pizza. The delivery took over two hours, according to Jerry, so she didn’t tip the delivery driver. That driver later texted her that “Black lives don’t matter” and told her to “get her n**ger ass out of Wantaugh.”

Welp, Jerry’s mama wasn’t having it. Monique Hawkins went to the restaurant and confronted the owner while on Facebook Live, which has now been seen over 15,000 times. The 13-minute long video shows Hawkins going OFF in the spot over the racist language against her daughter.

Watch below:

The owner appeared to have offered to given the family their money back but Hawkins refused. Police were called and the family explained their situation to the officers who appeared to take down notes, but it’s unclear whether any charges will be filed.

Hawkins said she’ll hold a rally in front of the restaurant on April 3.




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