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Ne-Yo Says Wife Crystal Renay Curbed His Plans to Get a Vasectomy

Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith
Ne-Yo and Crystal Smith

*Ne-Yo and his wife, Crystal Renay, announced in February that they are expecting another child, with the singer announcing at the time that this would be his “fifth and final” child.

Speaking with TooFab recently about expanding their family, the R&B crooner said his wife shut down his plans to have a vasectomy.

“She decided that she doesn’t want any more children, and I’m following her lead on that,” he said, before making clear that he has no plans to undergo the sterilization procedure. “No, no , no — not getting the surgery. Now mind you… my plan was to get the surgery, but she was like, ‘No, no, no, don’t get the surgery because if we ever decide we do want anymore kids then we can’t do it.'”

Ne-Yo added, ‘I’m like, ‘You just said you didn’t want more kids?’ And she was like ‘I don’t want no more kids right now, but what if I want some…’ I’m like, ‘Oh.'”

“So this last one is the plan, and then if God decides he wants us to have some more, I guess we’ll have some more.”

The couple is parents to sons Roman Alexander-Raj, 2½, and Shaffer Chimere Jr., 5. NE-YO is also father to son Mason Evan, 9, and daughter Madilyn Grace, 10, from his previous relationship.


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After Ne-Yo and his wife announced that they are expecting their third child together, critics were quick to call out the music superstar for allegedly making his ex-fiancée, Monyetta Shaw, get her tubes tied after they had their second child.

“Sterilization was something Ne-Yo and I discussed thoroughly in the months leading up to the baby’s delivery,” Shaw told The New York Post. “Ne-Yo also agreed to undergo a vasectomy to show our mutual commitment to the relationship.”

Shaw said she committed to getting a tubal ligation but Ne-Yo didn’t live up to his end of the bargain to get a vasectomy. 

“I was so busy caring for two young children, I just assumed Ne-Yo had followed through and had gotten the vasectomy,” she recalled. “I trusted him so much that it never even crossed my mind that he hadn’t gone through with it.”

Meanwhile, Crystal claims Ne-Yo didn’t make Shaw do anything. When she announced her pregnancy on social media, one user replied: “What about his first wife he convinced to sterilize herself then left her lmao?”

“I’m his first wife boo,” she clapped back, before adding, “I’m being accurate since you want to be in something so bad. I respect the mother of his kids and facts are facts. He didn’t request nor make anyone do anything. She has moved on and is in love, happy as hell. You should try it. Simple-minded child.”

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