Friday, May 7, 2021

EXCLUSIVE CLIPS: Celebrity Hairstylist Dr. Boogie Talks Mom’s Influence, Shares Tip for Black Women

*We have exclusive clips from celebrity hairstylist and star of ALLBLK’s “My Mane Problem” Dr. Boogie’s interview on the nationally syndicated talk show, “Daily Blast Live,” which streams live this afternoon at 12:30 pm EST.

Boogie will chat with co-host Erica Cobb about how his mother was a major inspiration for becoming a hairstylist and provides tips for Black women to look their best during the pandemic.

In the clip above, Boogie dishes about how his mother inspired him to help heal women by doing their hair.

“I grew up in a little bit of dysfunction,” he says. “There was some battery in the household. So at that point when my mother would go through that situation, I would get behind the couch and brush and comb her hair, and I learned that that soothed her and it really relaxed her. So then I was like, ‘Oh I got a little power in these hands to make people feel good.’ So as I continue my journey all the way through, all the way to where I am now, it’s still for me all about making someone feel good.”

Watch Dr. Boogie tell it via the clip above.

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Co-host Erica Cobb and Dr. Boogie on Tuesday’s “Daily Blast Live”

In the clip below. he shares tips for women who are trying to look their best on their own during the pandemic:

“I do want to say if you can get into the hair salon, please support our hair salons, our hairstylists, our barbers. They need it, they’re hurting,” he says. “Please try to keep your hair on a professional level when you are getting styled by somebody professional. With the chemicals and things, stimulate your scalp because that will promote hair growth. And low and behold, feeding your hairs in African American women is so important and so many of us don’t do it.”


*via press release, source: FerenComm

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