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CORY A. HAYWOOD: Dear Black People, Should We Finally Trust White People?

Cory A. Haywood
Cory A. Haywood

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*Dear Black people, my brothers and sisters … read the next paragraph VERY CAREFULLY.

There are three types of White people in the world – each group indulges in prejudice, but only one group pretends to care about you.

I call them “woke whites” because they relish every opportunity to prove they aren’t racist, even though they actually are. They also secretly believe that blacks lack the intellectual and emotional capacity to be self-sufficient and fully autonomous.

But I’ll dig into this more later.

First, I have a question.

Should blacks trust white people at all?

I know, I know – it seems like a silly thing to ask.

But really, think about it – with everything we’ve learned about them, can they really be trusted?

I’m turning 33 years old this year. I’ve encountered plenty of white folk in my lifetime. Most of these encounters have been positive – so I’m inclined to believe white people have grown and matured over the years.

After all, they used to hang blacks from trees – and afterward they’d eat food and socialize as the bodies of their victims hovered above them – lifeless.

That’s some pretty fucked up shit.

These incidents didn’t only happen during slavery – they also took place in the mid and early 1900’s – only 70 years ago!

if you’re an observer like me, and black, you’ve probably noticed aspects of their behavior that rub you the wrong way.

In politics, White Democrats shamelessly pander to black voters with empty gestures such as House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and others wearing kente cloth last year and kneeling in front of cameras after the George Floyd murder.

They also recycle stereotypes and slang-ridden colloquialisms during their campaigns to ingratiate themselves with minorities, blacks especially.

In the media, left-leaning, white-owned news stations like CNN and MSNBC find ways to rationalize the violence and dysfunction that take place in communities of color, but they shame, ridicule and condemn others for the same offenses.

And when they aren’t flagrantly underestimating blacks – and passing it off as sympathy or concern – whites routinely infiltrate black-led organizations and movements, often with the goal of taking control.

They have left their fingerprints on the Civil Rights Movement, Black Lives Matter, and the “Me Too” campaign. And studies prove that White women have benefited more from affirmative action than any other minority group in the country. That’s 60 years of whites pretending to be aligned with black causes, while secretly helping to corrupt and sabotage them.

Despite these massive red flags, black people STILL align themselves with the Democratic Party … and White people.

Evidence of their treachery clearly doesn’t matter.

I’m 100 percent sure Louis Farrakhan would tell me, “son, don’t trust them crackers.”

But I’m not from his generation. I don’t know what it feels like to drink from segregated water fountains, or ride on segregated buses.

I’ve never experienced racism at the level it reached during the 1960’s, when Farrakhan was a young man, so my view of the white race is different than his and others from that era.

Still, I’m nobody’s fool – it has only been 66 years since Emmett Till was brutally tortured (and ultimately killed) by a group of racist white men.

Is 66 years enough time for an entire race to cleanse itself of hatred?

I’m honestly not sure.

As I mentioned beforehand, whites come in three distinctive categories.

Here’s a list.

Overt Racists

I won’t spend much time on this group. There isn’t much to explain about them – people in this category genuinely detest the existence of non whites, niggas in particular. For more information, google “racism” … I’m sure they’ll pop up.

Unconscious Bigots

This group resides in middle America. I call them “unconscious racists”. Their mannerisms and demeanor are similar to the first group, but they aren’t overtly racist, and some aren’t bigoted at all. Their views about race and its impact on society stem from ignorance, and quite often their concepts of other racial groups are shaped by the images and narratives they’re fed by the media. Whites in this category believe that racism is an overhyped construct. They’re also the ones on Facebook and Twitter posting dumb shit like, “All Lives Matter.”

White Democrats (Liberals, Woke Whites)

These characters are the worst because they’re unaware of how condescending and self righteous they can be, especially in the presence of blacks. They won’t admit it, and some aren’t even conscious of their behavior, but whites in this category feel as if they’re morally superior to the rest of society. They also secretly believe that blacks lack the intellectual and emotional capacity to be self-sufficient and fully autonomous.

Had to repeat that.

In their minds, blacks need to be rescued from the tyranny of racism and social injustice. They have a superhero complex – and so they instinctively perceive blacks as being helpless and weak willed.

They show their faces at Black Lives Matter rallies and other gatherings that focus on racial and economic inequality. After the George Floyd killing, many of them made fools of themselves in public – kneeling in front of blacks and literally kissing their feet.

These gestures were fake and over the top – a ploy by liberal whites to show the world they were better than the rednecks and trailer-trash hicks wearing MAGA hats and toting shotguns.

But isn’t it equally offensive that whites like these view themselves as the last line of defense for blacks? It’s no different from how a mother would try to protect her children. That’s how whites in this category feel – like parents to a wayward generation of dysfunctional, infantile niggas. It’s insulting.

Should these people be given access to communities of color? Do they deserve invitations to the barbecue? Can they really be trusted?

If you ask me, the answer is simple – Hell no!

Cory Haywood
Cory A. Haywood

Cory A. Haywood, is a freelance writer and expert on Negro foolishness. Contact him via: and/or visit his blog:, or send him a message on Twitter: @coryahaywood




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