Thursday, August 11, 2022

Life After ‘Martin’ was All About Salesmanship for Carl Payne

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*For some actors and actresses, being in front of the camera is what it’s all about , regardless of whatever life throws at them.  It’s all about the art.   Yet, life has a way of stepping in and testing one’s will to survive for self and family. Carl Payne, who played the character “Cole” on the 90s sitcom, “Martin” was a fan favorite.

Yet, when the show ended in 1997, Payne still had to feed his family.  To do so, Payne took a job as a Honda car salesman.  When TMZ walked up on him to broadcast the story of his  9 to 5 job, Payne coolly said, “I got a family and there’s no shame in taking care of your family.”

During an interview with “This is 50,” Payne said, “I will never be a cat that sleeps in his car or feel that I’m too good to work; a job is a job.  I’m not too proud to work for a living to earn a check, especially since I have a family.  I was fed up with the business (acting) but I still have to pay bills.  Selling cars at the time was a no-brainer, it wasn’t that I was embarrassed by it.”

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And as far as his days on “Martin” with Martin Lawrence, there seemed to have been tension between the two actors that the audience never detected.  In the same interview with “This is 50,” Payne explained why he and Lawrence hated each other in real life and argued on the set.

“Martin and I had a lot of intense days on the set.  We had issues,” Payne said.  “He had issues with himself, really.  I think he was battling his own demons.  I don’t think he was in a good place at that time.”

Payne is currently producing and/or writing for stage productions, internet shows and television. While he is no longer selling cars, Payne is in the driver’s seat of his career.




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