Thursday, September 29, 2022

Actor Wallace Smith, Shares His Road To Fame & Being A Triple Threat

You may know him as Detective Hassan Shakur from CW’s “Black Lightning.”

— Or from watching him star on Broadway’s “The Lion King” and “Hamilton!” Wallace Smith is here to show the world he’s more than just an actor. 

The triple threat holds a few more talents under his belt like music and photography. His new brand “From the Mud Images” is dedicated to seeing people beyond the Lens. “Going from buying a camera, taking pictures to actually seeing the art in everyday life…That idea came from, everything we look at, people we interact with,” shared Smith. “They all come from somewhere. They all have a beginning. From the Mud is like capturing things that came from the dirt, that started somewhere.”

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Wallace Smith
Wallace Smith

The California native believes trips to the movies and [watching] plays with his mother made him realize acting was his passion. Working on both the west and east coasts, Smith said he wants the industry to be easier for aspiring creatives to break into. “I can look over my life and see where the doors were that needed to be open,” explained Smith. “A lot of those doors were opened by people. I didn’t get to where I’ve been blessed to go without people.”

How does the singer, songwriter, recording artist have time for it all? — Technology makes it all easy. He’s been doing music since a teenager but his next goal is to book another acting gig. “In five years, I want to see myself as an established actor on your television or at the movie theater,” expressed Smith. “I want to have influence. I want to be able to open doors for people that are like me.” 

Quarantine has definitely changed the way Smith does business. He appreciates the time he received to sit still and reflect. When he’s not acting, writing, singing or taking pictures; Smith spends his free time as a social justice advocate and watching classic films.

Wallace Smith
Wallace Smith




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