Thursday, October 6, 2022

Door Dash Driver Caught Stuffing Dropped Pizza Slices Back into the Box Before Delivery (Watch)

door dash pizza drop
Door Dash driver caught trying to stuff dropped pizza slices back into the box

*A DoorDash delivery driver in Detroit was caught on video holding a pizza box upside down, dropping it, and then stuffing the slices that had fallen onto the ground back into the box to make the delivery.

The customer said the driver picked up every last crumb and tried to make it look “as pretty as he could.”

“When the guy was walking up to our porch, we saw that he was holding the pizza vertically, so from there I knew for a fact that the pizza was outside of the box,” customer Rodney King Jr. told FOX 2. “As soon as I saw the pizza hit the floor, my heart sank a little bit. I was hungry, but I was really hoping he would do the right thing.”

He did not. King said the driver looked at the pizza, and “started to scoop it back into the box and make it look as pretty as he could, picked up all the crumbs and everything, and then walked off.”

Instead of enjoying his hot meal, King had to file a complaint with DoorDash. He said the company refunded his money. A DoorDash spokesperson told FOX 2 that the driver’s behavior was “inappropriate and unacceptable” and that he had immediately been deactivated when they found out what had happened.

King said the experience wouldn’t stop him from using the delivery service the next time he decides to have a pizza night.

“It wasn’t DoorDash’s fault,” he told FOX 2.

Watch below:




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