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Claudia Jordan Concerned Zaya Wade is Being Used to Push ‘Trans Agenda’ [VIDEO]

*Claudia Jordan and former B2K singer J Boog have shared their concern for Dwayne Wade’s 13-year-old male-to-female transgender kid Zaya Wade

Boog criticized Michelle Obama for praising Zaya’s transgender journey during a recent interview. Many believe the boy is being used by Wade and stepmother Gabrielle Union to push the LGBTQ agenda on little Black boys. There seems to be a relentless effort among looney liberals to obliterate manhood and masculinity, which is why they celebrate it when men claim they are actually women. Go onto little Zaya’s Instagram page and its grown-ass adults’ fiending and fawning over this child in the comments. It’s frightening. 

How soon before they’re telling us that pedophilia is also normal? Only time will tell — but it’s coming. 

“This is not cool, very demonic,” said Boog. “Using this child for their new agenda. Take away the man – make the woman the new man – and no more reproduction.”

As long as D. Wade makes his child’s business the publics’ business, Zaya will continue to be a target by those who don’t agree with this lifestyle.

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Per SandraRose, Jordan reacted to Boog’s comments on her “Cocktails with Queens” web series, saying she also believes the kid is being used to be an LGBT+ activist at an impressionable age.

“I think two things can be possible at the same time. I think the fact that — what Michelle Obama was doing was encouraging to a child. She was looking out for someone — an individual — and other kids that are like that,” Jordan said.

“On the other hand — I think some people are not properly articulating how uncomfortable they may feel about a child being pushed. They may think that child is being pushed to the front of the agenda — pushed to be the face of this. Now if Zaya is 1000% okay with that, then I’m all for it. It’s really none of my business, but I feel like it’s our job to talk about these things,” she continued.

“I just hope that there are no regrets later on,” she continued. “I just want Zaya at the end of it to not feel and pressure. Like if Zaya ever felt like, ‘You know what? I don’t feel this way anymore.’ Does Zaya feel this uncomfortable, ridiculous amount of pressure to not be able to go back? Not saying that she wants to, but I just feel like [it’s] such a young age to have so much pressure on her shoulders,” Jordan added.

Zaya came out as homosexual at age 11. These dresses and wigs that his parents keep putting him in will certainly start to fit quite funny once he grows up to be as big and manly as his dad — unless of course, Wade and Union keep Zaya doped up on testosterone blockers until he’s 18. In several of the photos of him modeling women’s clothing on social media, his eyes look quite sad. If Zaya one day decides that he actually wants to live life as a male, will D. Wade even support his decision? #StayTuned!

Meanwhile, inquiring minds would like to know how Zaya’s biological mother feels about her son’s transgender journey.

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