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(BYE FELICIA!) Dear Meghan Markle, That’s What You Get for Thinking Them White Folk Would Embrace Yo’ Black Ass!

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Meghan Markle and Oprah Winfrey

*Lemme jump right into this …

I don’t feel an OUNCE of sorrow for Meghan Markle, her red-headed, pasty white husband, or that racially ambiguous baby they produced together.

Why? Oh it’s real simple.

For starters, as one of many hard working people in this country who don’t have the luxury of a seven-figure inheritance to rely on in case of a financial emergency, it was a little insulting for me to watch Markle and her obscenely privileged, wealthy, WHITE husband complain about the “adversity” and “oppression” they’ve experienced together as a couple.

It bothered me even more that Oprah – who’s also insanely wealthy – gave Markle and the White boy a platform to air their grievances during a nationally televised interview.

Oprah has spent the latter portion of her career slandering black men and placating her white audience.

(Don’t worry – I’m going somewhere with this.)

Just last year she and her pal Gayle King were behind a failed attempt to slander Kobe Bryant’s legacy – the nigga who DIED with his daughter in a helicopter crash.

A year later she’s offering sympathy and support to a half-breed, D-list actress whose dating resume includes white boy after white boy, culminating with her marriage to a white British prince.

Are you kidding me?

But this story ain’t about Oprah and her bed-wench, Magic negro instincts. This about Markle – the wannabe duchess whose dreams of becoming white royalty were dashed by the harshness of unabashed racism in England.

AND THERE’S THIS: Judge Rules Vanessa Bryant Can Release Names of Deputies Who Shared Kobe Crash Photos

Meghan Markle DukeDuchessSussexAttendEndeavourD1we_uHoF85l-1
Meghan Markle

Here’s the rub – Markle is as good as it gets compared to any other Black woman alive.

She’s educated, beautiful, highly accomplished, well spoken, popular, and graceful. She checks all the boxes and meets every standard imaginable for any woman with aspirations of becoming a monarch.

Nevertheless, despite her qualifications and credentials, she’s still a nigga in the eyes of her white counterparts, especially those in England, where racism reigns supreme (pun intended).

She actually thought she’d waltz her black ass into the royal palace without anyone noticing that she ain’t white and funny looking – like the royal family! Ha!

They DON’T WANT you, sis (or your black baby)! That’s why they calling you a monkey and sending death threats – because they don’t view blacks as equal, or even human apparently.

Thought you was bout to fuck around and become a royal?


Sorry – there’s a color barrier.

Meghan, Prince Harry and Oprah

Kate Middleton – who is married to Prince William of England – is as white as the day is long, and even she caught hell from British tabloids because of her American background.

They didn’t want her pasty ass to be a princess either – but at least she had color on her side, and even though Markle looks damn near White herself, it doesn’t overshadow the fact that she’s a Negro.

That’s right – the “one drop” rule is still a REAL thing, especially to a family whose values and preferences are rooted in elitism and centuries of institutional racism. Let’s not forget – the British brought slaves to America in 1670 – they initiated and facilitated the cruelest human trafficking system in world history.

Markle should’ve known what she was getting herself into when she married ol boy!

In fact, this should be a cautionary tale for ALL sisters – dating a white boy won’t make you special, it’ll make you a social experiment and a token.

That’s why I don’t feel a single ounce of sympathy for Markle – because she consciously selected a white man whom she thought would elevate her worth and status. Love may have been a factor – but Markle’s reason for choosing Prince Harry has more to do with her belief that white is better.

Her previous husband is white, her boyfriends over the years have been WHITE! These relationships gave her the impression that she was special … a cut above the other millions of black women who foolishly called her marriage to Prince Harry “Black Girl Magic.”

Now, only a few years later, it’s looking more like her marriage to ol’ Harry should be called “Black Girl Tragic.”
Meghan Markle and Oprah / Twitter

I tried to tell y’all in the article I wrote in 2017.

Markle played herself by thinking she would be accepted by the “royal family.” Making it worse, every major publication for black women – from Essence to Ebony – heralded Markle’s nuptials to her white husband as “goals,” not realizing that such nonsense undermines the significance of black love and togetherness.

She bypassed a limitless number of qualified black men in route to marrying a white boy. That’s strike one. She was raised in the hood and abandoned her roots the moment she broke into the entertainment industry. That’s strike two.

And now, in the midst of a pandemic and massive unemployment across the entire nation, this fool has the nerve to get in front of a camera and whine about public criticism and needing more security for her baby? That’s STRIKE THREE!

There are women out here who can barely afford to feed they kids – and this clown has the audacity to complain about her first world problems. She has a lifestyle that most people can only fantasize about.

Miss me with that bullshit.

Markle’s living off the FAT inheritance bequeathed (yeah, I used the word ‘bequeathed’) to her spoon-fed husband, and yet, she wants sympathy from the rest of us regular folk?

I think not. She made her bed – y’all know the rest.

Deuces. ✌🏾

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Cory A. Haywood

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