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Halle Bailey Claps Back After Mathew Knowles Slams Sister Chloe [VIDEO]

(L-R) Halle Bailey and Chloe Bailey / Getty Images North America

*Halle Bailey has defended her sister Chloe Bailey following disparaging comments by Beyonce’s dad Mathew Knowles.

“How amazing is it that @ChloeBailey is already an icon,”wrote Halle on Twitter on March 7. “Just popped in to say that .. i ride for my sister till the enddd okayyyy.”

In case you missed it, Knowles was quite offended when he learned fans online often compare Chloe to his famous daughter. Chloe x Halle were signed to Bey’s Parkwood record label five years ago, with Beyonce also serving as their mentor.

“Do you see the comparison? Like the same thing that you saw in young Beyoncé, do you see that in Chloe Bailey?” Knowles was asked by radio personality Leah A. Henry during a recent interview for Leah’s Lemonade.

“You’ve got to be kidding me, right? You’re asking me that question?” replied Mathew, who previously managed Destiny’s Child. “Are you actually serious that you are comparing that young lady to Beyoncé?”

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Beyonce Mathew Chloe
Beyonce – Mathew Knowles – Chloe Bailey

Leah clarified that fans think Chloe, 22, should play Beyoncé, 39, in a biopic about the superstar’s life.

“Okay, you’re talking about if somebody was doing a movie, not talent-wise. Talent-wise? Are you telling me talent-wise, somebody is an idiot enough to compare her to Beyoncé, talent-wise?” said Knowles.

“They say she’s literally like a young Beyoncé in the making,” said Leah.

“I’m asking you a yes or no question. Are you telling me someone’s an idiot enough to compare her to Beyoncé, talent-wise?” Knowles replied. He added, “Are there people saying her talent is equal to Beyoncé? They’re an idiot. Period.”

He went on to say, “That’s actually insulting to Beyoncé. I mean, if you want to call out some like Barbra Streisand or you know, some people like that, like come on, man, really?… I want to get off this topic.”

Watch the conversation below.

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