Saturday, April 10, 2021

For Your Own Safety DON’T Ask Mathew Knowles to Compare Beyonce to Chloe Bailey! / WATCH

Beyonce Mathew Chloe
Beyonce – Mathew Knowles – Chloe Bailey

*If you get an interview with Mathew Knowles, the one thing you might not want to do is ask him to compare Chloe Bailey to a young Beyonce. Nope, you don’t want to that. Just ask Leah Henry, who brought up the subject to Mr. Knowles who basically went ballistic.

Bottom line. Daddy Knowles finds it “insulting” that anybody would dare to compare Chloe to his famous daughter, Beyonce. Check out what happened via the IG vid below.

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Naturally, when folks on social media saw and heard what came out Mathew’s mouth they had a lot to say. Check out the reactions from Lipstick Alley:

Rose Gold Goddess: He could have chosen a better answer. Because they are two different artists. First I blame the interviewer- stop comparing women. But when asked he could have just said they are talented in their own right – which is true. I am SURE Beyonce didnt like this answer and will say something to her Dad. She is known to correct him when he is wrong (in privste).

Clittany: I hate how people always compare new girls to icons who have been in the game for DECADES. But Chloe and Halle know how to actually produce their own music so if you really wanna be technical, they could be described as the better musicians. Beyonce is the better entertainer.

Meliodas: He is so embarrassing and nasty, he could’ve been more eloquent with it

Got Something to Say: He missed the part where she said a “young Beyonce.” He heard what he wanted to hear and low-key called her an idiot.

Beyonce would not be insulted by the comparison at all. They are her protoges. Like any great mentor, you’re honored to see your mentee have some of your characteristics, help develop them, and send them on their way to do even better. One thing about Beyonce is she is really humble, especially with the ones coming under her.

As far as comparison, Beyonce told us about 10 years ago she doesn’t compare herself to anyone other than her old self. So anyone comparing Bey to someone else – even in her age bracket – is wasting their time.



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