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Are You Renting Your Home Smartly? Here Are 5 Steps To Show You How

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*The idea of renting your beloved home sweet home that you once built can weigh over your minds. Even though the superficial benefits from renting a place seem to be countless, the challenges involved are more often than not, swept under the carpet.

The objectives of renting your place can be numerous, but for this plan to successfully execute it is imperative that the true responsibilities of renting a place and becoming a landlord are thoroughly understood. Otherwise, it is likely for this plan to become more trouble than a blessing.

Being a landlord is no piece of cake and being an owner can be testing, particularly when you are just beginning. From finding and screening occupants, to making and following a rental agreement and gathering rent on the web, the ride is not always smooth. Nonetheless, you will be required to remain on top of the repairs and cleaning process, gathering rent, making agreements, and other such tedious tasks.

While this may start out sounding scary, before you mull things over there is one thing that you need to understand — everything works out if done systematically. Like most things in life, being a landlord is also a journey that you can smoothly embark upon. So we have here five steps that will get you going in the right direction:

Chalk-out the details

Before you officially enter the market, there are certain things you should have clarity on. Here are some questions you need to ask yourself before you rent your place:

  1. What should be the rent?

While thinking about this, consider the location.  Ask around in the neighborhood to get a fair idea of the rent and think about the amenities you will offer the occupants.

2. For what period and purpose will you be renting the space?

First of all, think about “what period” you want to give the space away.  If your house is in a tourist area, short-term rentals can work but for a residential area you may have to act otherwise. Then think about the kind of tenants you want, bachelors, family or are you renting to a business?

Once you have all this clear in your mind you can move on to the next step.

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Advertise Your Home Well

Once you have chalked out the initial plan, and beautified, fixed and cleaned your place, build up a list of things that you feel make the house engaging so that you can make it available on the market. Observe those regularly attractive highlights like a chimney, temperature control system, and garbage disposal, etc.

Then, post a notice for your place on trustworthy sites.  Let local brokers and rental companies know about it and advertise in local newspapers. Moreover, sometimes realtors will work with proprietors to assist with the rentals. Decide whether you need a property manager and weigh the pros and cons.

Prepare the space before Renters move-in

Another good idea would be to organize the place for the new inhabitant by altogether cleaning your home and ensuring everything is in a working and acceptable condition. Make sure to only leave in the house what the other tenants would not mind.  It is ideal that all of  your personal belongings, etc. are moved out before the tenants shift.

Get experts for Finances and Agreements

Before you make any commitments or get any contract signed, it is critical to chat with land lawyers and bookkeepers. A lawyer can assist you with exploring the landowner-occupant guidelines, which differ from one state to another, and assist you with understanding your local area’s principles administering investment properties.

Make Renters Insurance Mandatory

In a world where nothing can be fully trusted, it is important to be safe than sorry.  While renting your home, it’s essential that you nudge the tenants to do the same. By making renters insurance an important agreement clause, you might avoid blame if the occupants’ belongings are lost, damaged, or stolen. Thus, you should encourage renters to learn more about renting and renters’ insurance. Furthermore, most renters’ insurances are not extremely pricy, so tenants can easily decide once they see the advantages of it.

Tenant Screening

The final step is to find a trustworthy, timely, and responsible tenant for your home for which you need a solid tenant screening process in place. Prepare a set of questions that can help you understand the financial and social background of the person and thereafter make a sound decision. Nowadays, tenant screening tests and companies are willing to do a full background check on the occupant and this too can be a reliable solution.


Renting your home can be a pleasant experience filled with bittersweet surprises and its own set of challenges. However, in a way it is beneficial for both owners and tenants⁠. If only both take responsibility for their actions, and act within the set regulations this can be a smooth ride.



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