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A Conversation with M. Night Shyamalan About His Psychological Thriller Series ‘Servant’ [EUR Exclusive]


*Apple TV+ has announced the Season 3 renewal to psychological thriller series “Servant” from Oscar-nominated director M. Night Shyamalan

Directed by Shyamalan and created by Tony Basgallop, “Servant” follows a Philadelphia couple in mourning after an unspeakable tragedy creates a rift in their marriage and opens the door for a mysterious force to enter their home.

The cast includes Lauren Ambrose (“Six Feet Under”), Toby Kebbell (“Kong: Skull Island,” “Fantastic Four,” “Black Mirror”), Nell Tiger Free (“Game of Thrones”), Rupert Grint (“Harry Potter” franchise).

I’ve been hooked on this series from the very first episode. As the story unfolds, it really makes you examine the ways in which humans process trauma. There’s also a lot to unpack with the family dynamic and how far we’ll carry a lie to protect our loved ones. So when I caught up with M. Night during the Apple TV panel at Television Critics Association Winter 2021 Press Tour this month, I asked him if there a deeper meaning embedded in the fabric of this tale that he’s hoping the audience is left thinking about?

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“It’s fantastic you asked that because as I get offered stuff and think about what to do, the drive behind the piece, whether it’s a movie or a show that’s being offered, why get up in the morning? Why do all this hard work and, yeah, we’re entertainers and, obviously, that’s our job. You guys pay us to entertain. But the thing that I’m trying to work out, and I guess for me, the show is about me trying to understand how could there be a benevolent force in the world, in the universe, if things like what happened to Dorothy happened?” M. Night explained.

“And that incident that we wrote about Dorothy was from a documentary that I saw of a man who forgot his child was in the back seat and just a good dude, just a dad, and so traumatic. And it created this fear of does anything have meaning? And that’s the drive underneath all of this,” he continued. 


“For me to even just have four people discuss that and figure this out and just ask the right questions. We don’t have to give an answer. The struggle is the part that connects us all. It’s underneath it. It’s the thing that makes this, on top of the great writing and the great acting and all of the suspense and the humor, and all of the cinema in it, underneath it is me kind of just having a conversation with you guys about how do we process things that feel meaningless and find meaning in our lives?,” M. Night said.

“Servant” Season 2 is currently streaming on Apple TV+.

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