Thursday, July 29, 2021

Rachel Lindsay Quits Social Media After Backlash Over Racist ‘Bachelor’ Franchise [VIDEO]

*Rachel Lindsay has decided to take a break from social media after being harassed by racist white folks for speaking out about the racist “Bachelor” franchise. 

Lindsay has been catching heat following a heated exchange with former host Chris Harrison about the racist antics of “Bachelor” contestant Rachael Kirkconnell

Kirkconnell, who is competing for the love of the first gay, Black Bachelor Matt James, dressed in Native American attire as a costume, had the Confederate flag in the background of some of her TikTok videos and was present at an Antebellum-plantation celebration, per MadameNoire. Harrison asked that people have “a little compassion” for Kirkconnell’s insensitive actions. He was later fired for defending her. 

Lindsay then announced that she would be parting ways with “The Bachelor” franchise. She has been receiving negative feedback via social media for speaking out against racism, while the rabid “Bachelor” fanbase defends Kickconnell for being a racist. 

Digital journalist Nicole Lopez-Alvar noted on Twitter, “Rachel Lindsay didn’t get Chris Harrison fired. He did that. It’s unfair how the burden of ABC’s inability to create brand with a culture of inclusion, diversity, and nonracial bias has had to fall on her shoulders. I stand with her. Everything needs to change. Let’s go, Bachelor.”

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Van Lathan, who co-hosts the “Higher Learning” podcast with Lindsay, made the announcement via Instagram that she was quitting social media.

“My co-host on Higher Learning, Rachel Lindsay, disabled her Instagram earlier today,” Lathan said in a video on Feb. 26. “She did it because that’s how much hate she’s getting from Bachelor fans who are spamming her with all kinds of rude and hateful things to say.”

Lathan also noted that Lindsay should not be on the receiving end of hate over Harrison’s defense of Kirkconnell. 

“Rachel is not responsible for Chris Harrison, a 49-year-old man who can’t read the room in these 2021 times,” Lathan added. She’s not responsible for that. It’s not her job to make excuses or provide cover for somebody who doesn’t understand what the f*** triggers people in today’s world. It’s not. You’re going after the wrong person.”

Meanwhile, Kirkconnell has spoken out about the harassment Lindsay has faced in the wake of her interview with Harrison. 

“You have the opportunity to make a positive difference, to use your energy towards change, and to come together and realize what’s right in a time like this,” she wrote in a statement shared via Instagram on Saturday, Us Weekly reports. “If you are choosing to rather spread hate, to send cruel, vicious messages, to be mad about people being hurt by racism…do better. Be better.”

Kirkconnell went on to praise Lindsay for her speaking out. “Rachel Lindsay and other BIPOC have called for myself and others to be held accountable. This is needed, and she does not deserve the hate she is receiving,” she continued. “Recognize that she along with every person you send hateful messages to, are human. We are real people, and she should not have to disable her account to escape this toxicity. This is not okay. She is doing the hard work that needs to be done for change, and does not deserve to be silenced or ridiculed. If you are someone that has been cruel, find what fuels this hate in your heart, and fix it.”

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