Thursday, April 22, 2021

Fox News’ Greg Gutfeld Really Hates Tiger Woods – His ‘Prayers Are Limited’ for Golfer / WATCH

*We’ll give Fox News host Greg Gutfeld credit for saying what’s on his mind. He has no problem spewing hate towards Tiger Woods as the famed golfer lays injured from head to toe after his single-car accident yesterday (02-23-21) in Southern California.

A down-right pissed off Gutfeld reacted to the network’s wall-to-wall coverage of Woods’ crash, saying live on air that his “prayers are limited” for the superstar golfer.

Specifically, Woods, 45, was hospitalized after sustaining multiple leg and ankle injuries, including compound fractures to his right tibia and fibula, in that Tuesday car crash.

It was during later coverage of the incident that hosts of the Fox News daily show “The Five” – which features Gutfeld, Dana Perino, Jesse Watters, and Juan Williams – took time to weigh in on the extensive coverage of the incident being provided by Fox and other networks.

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Tiger Woods - Greg Gutfeld (Getty-Fox News screenshot)
Tiger Woods – Greg Gutfeld

It was after Perino had noted that the media and the public had followed Woods in similar manner throughout his entire career, that Gutfeld offered his own opinion, arguing that people were overstating the significance of the incident, reports Insider.

“Really, though? Everybody wants to hear about his for an hour? I don’t know,” he said, per a video of the segment published by Mediaite. “I know our job is to overstate incidents like this. If we don’t overstate it, people might change the channel.

“But the fact is fatalities, car accidents, are so mundane, they kill 65,000 people a year and 25% of them are due to speeding and not by the victim’s speeding. So we have to remember that, we don’t even know what happened here.”

Gutfeld continued: “I just think that, right now, my prayers are limited. There’s so many people that are suffering right now and I think sometimes the news does this deep dive, and honestly, I think some people might just be like ‘We get it. We get it.’

“There’s some real bad stuff going on in this world. Maybe we should focus on that stuff.”

After talking with Perino about the crash, Gutfeld discussed the coverage with fellow contributor Geraldo Rivera.

“He’s not dead Geraldo. We are talking like he passed away. He escaped death, so did the people in his vicinity.”

Gutfled then gave an insight as to why the coverage of Woods’ crash bothered him.

“We have a challenge of doing this show wall to wall stuff, having to avoid unspeakable truths, and instead do this kind of repetitive salutation and grand pronouncements,” he said.

“Let’s at least inject a little bit of sobriety and honesty into this thing. My father-in-law died in his car on Christmas Eve. He wasn’t a world famous golfer. But you know what? He was a great man and I’m glad I said it.”

“I’m sure Tiger Woods is happy to be alive, and grateful that nobody else was hurt,” Perino added after Gutfeld finished speaking.

Woods’ team released a statement overnight to say the 45-year-old golf star is currently “awake, responsive, and recovering in hospital” following emergency surgery.

“Thank you to the wonderful doctors and hospital staff at the Harbor UCLA Medical Center, the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, and the Fire Department,” the statement said. “Your support and assistance has been outstanding.”




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