Thursday, March 4, 2021

Viral TikTok Shows White Woman Grilling Man Over Using the N-Word (Watch)

Man using n-word
Man grilled by woman for allegedly using N-word in viral TikTok video

*A viral TikTok shows a white woman checking a man for his use of the N-word, and refusing to accept his excuses for using the offensive term until he finally admits, “because I can.”

The video, shared Monday (Feb. 22) on TikTok and Instagram by Shannon Thurston (@mind_body_voice), begins after the unidentified man has already allegedly said the N-word more than once. Thurston, with her camera pointed at her face, says to the guy: “Hey man, I heard your conversation, and you may want to have an outwardly racist conversation in a more private place.”

When the man appears perplexed, Thurston explains: “I heard you say the N-word multiple times, and that’s just not cool, dude.”

“Well, you call it a slur, but my conversation, which I’m hoping to have with you, is why would it be a slur if it’s OK for them to say but not me because I’m white?” the man asks.

“There’s a lot of people in the Black community who don’t like that word either,” Thurston responds. “But a lot of Black people died with that name being yelled at them.”

“A lot of Black people enjoy using it as words of endearment,” he argues.

Thurston responds: “So I’m curious, what names have white people been called as they’ve been hauled up trees and lynched?”

Watch below:

@mind_body_voiceWhen guy white in the car next to me is just throwing the N word around like parade candy. #racisim #brostop #standup♬ original sound – Shannon Thurston

In a second TikTok, Thurston repeatedly asks the man why he needs to use the N-word. He dodges the question, instead calling Thurston “ignorant” multiple times and growing increasingly flustered. Finally, he admits the flimsy reason for using his racist language: “Because I can.”

“There it is, people,” Thurston says, looking at the camera.

Watch below:

@mind_body_voicePART 2: Guy white throwing the N word around like Pom poms. ##racism ##standup ##answerthequestion

♬ original sound – Shannon Thurston



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