Saturday, September 25, 2021

Viola Davis, Stacey Abrams Chop It Up on Oscars, Politics and Wielding Power as Black Women (Watch)

Viola Davis and Stacey Abrams
Viola Davis and Stacey Abrams on the cover of Variety

*Variety hosted a great conversation between Viola Davis and Stacey Abrams as part of its latest cover story.

Davis is being lauded for her performance in “Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom” and is considered a lead contender in this year’s Oscar race, as is Abrams, who produced the documentary “All In: The Fight for Democracy,” which was just shortlisted for an Academy Award in the documentary feature category.

Variety writes:

These bold, towering figures may come from vastly different professional backgrounds, but the outspoken women share much in common, not the least of which is giving voice to pertinent issues in their respective fields and attaining success in their careers against all odds.

Their primary connection, however, lies within their core principles. They are both Black women who have worked their way from poverty to pop culture prominence and then used their spheres of influence to create opportunities and make space for other Black women to follow.

Due to COVID-19, Abrams and Davis had to chat via Zoom.

When asked what it means to have her name associated with Abrams’, Davis says, “It’s a reflection and a confirmation that I’m living my life on a higher level than what I do [as an actor]. I’ve always wanted to lead a life of significance. I’ve always wanted to leave breadcrumbs — like my mentor, Miss Cicely Tyson, did for me — and leave the world a little shifted by my presence. Not everyone can be a Martin Luther King Jr., but they can be who they are and make a difference in the life of someone. That’s what Stacey Abrams means to me. My God, she shifted the whole election; she shifted the whole state of Georgia.”

Watch their conversation below:



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